WoT Supertest: Map Changes – Mines, Steppes and Studzianki

Mines – Gameplay improvements on the map for the lower team

There is a slight imbalance on the map that provides an advantage to the upper team: when heading for the island in square K2, vehicles from the lower team risk being damaged.
Also, after taking control of the island in square K2, the upper team has the significant advantage of being able to shoot at those fighting at the passage to the castle.
1 – The way to the island has become safer for the lower team.

2 – Covers have been added to protect vehicles fighting in the center from enemy fire coming from the island, if it is controlled by the upper base team.

3 – A few covers have been added for the lower team in the clash area at the corner.

Studzianki – Gameplay changes


Location of the changes:

The factory area has been reworked, and new firing positions and covers have been added. Additionally, the village area has been expanded.

1.    The factory area has been expanded. Some positions for sidescraping have been added (squares C4–C7 and D5–D6, respectively).

2.    Intermediate covers, such as terrain irregularities, have been added in squares D3 and D8. These positions will be useful when retreating from the factory area.

3.    Buildings have been added in the central ravine to adjust the balance for both teams (squares H5–H6 and G5–G6).

4.    The village area at like K has been expanded. The terrain has been reworked, and new positions have been added in the ravine along the map border.

5.    Some foliage has been removed in squares K1 and K0.

Steppes – Changes to improve the gameplay


Location of the changes

1 – The defensive position for TDs in square A3 has been reworked. It is now easier to stop enemy advances from this position.

2 – The combat direction along lines 9 and 0 has been balanced: both teams now have equal chances to take control of the “pocket.”

3 – Excess foliage has been removed from the positions for tank destroyers along lines 8, 9, and 0.

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    1. Why would they fix it, those people never play their own game, they just listen to lapdogs who what to stay special and abide by their masters

  1. A nice buff to Mines North! Now the south peasants can’t even help their heavies in the middle anymore from the island. xD

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