Supertest: Airfield Map Changes

The Airfield map is going to the supertest to undergo some tests and changes!

The central area has been reworked on the Airfield map. Now, it is better suited for playing in heavily armored vehicles, since more firing positions have been added, along with more cover from SPGs.

The encounter area is now located in the center of the map, which helps balance the shoot-through ranges.

The operation area of light tanks has also been reworked to provide more variety.

  1. The central lane has been reworked to improve the gameplay of heavily armored vehicles. The side “fenders” have become larger. Now, players can take several positions there.

  1. A passage from the central hill has been added at the HT lane.

  1. The positions for light tanks have been improved, along with gameplay variety in this direction.

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Roll out!

14 thoughts on “Supertest: Airfield Map Changes

      1. Worst in the – WAT??? you silly guy you
        i can show you bad maps … this one is alright
        Fjords is far worse. its clunky beyond believe.
        Mines is stale
        and Camperrovka is a pile of camper poop

  1. While more totally new maps would be appreciated total revamping of the worst of the old maps is a very good thing.

    1. In what way? Now theres more cover to the heavys, they wont be farmed by the artys so easy, that gives more action to the game, for meds and tds that are always witing the heavy fight to end and start farming the remaining heavys…

      1. Oh please like heavy tanks needed more help….not.
        They already have increased armour, no weak spots, autoloaders, high alpha, nerfed HE, nerfed arty and premium ammo and now map changes just for them.
        How much more idiot proof do they need to be so sub 45% players like you can last more than 2 minutes per battle.

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