WoT Supertest: New Chinese Heavy Tank Branch: Tier X BZ-75

The first researchable vehicle in the new Chinese branch to join the Supertest will be the Tier X BZ-75 heavy tank.

The BZ-75 is well protected for its tier: Its frontal hull armor reaches 200 mm, and the frontal turret armor is up to 330 mm. Its durability is 2,500 HP. The top forward speed is 35 km/h, with a reverse speed of 15 km/h. Its specific power of 12.9 h.p./t means that mobility is not great, but keep in mind that the BZ-75 is a heavy tank with jet booster mechanics. When activated, these boosters double the engine power and increase the top forward speed.

Another distinctive feature of the BZ-75 is the ability to choose between two guns.

The 152 mm gun can cause 650 HP of damage per shot. Armor penetration with a standard shell is 258 mm, while a special HEAT shell penetrates 319 mm of armor. Its aiming time is 2.7 seconds and its reload time is 17 seconds, while the dispersion is 0.4 meters.

The 180 mm howitzer gun can deliver 1,600 HP of damage per shot with a standard shell, with 75 mm of penetration. The damage per shot of a special shell is 1,050 HP, with 225 mm of penetration. Its aiming time is 3 seconds and its reload time is 30 seconds, while the dispersion is 0.4 meters.

The standard HE shell has low velocity and penetration parameters but good damage upon penetration and when the fragments hit weak spots upon non-penetration. The special HE shell has improved velocity and penetration, but its damage upon penetration is significantly lower than that of the standard one. This shell hardly causes any damage to vehicles if it explodes on the armor. To reach maximum effectiveness in battle, you need to alternate shell types wisely depending on the situation and enemy vehicles.


At the start of the battle, the boosters will take 5 seconds to load and prepare for use. You’ll be notified of this in a corresponding indicator bar. After that, the booster can be activated. Once activated, the tank will receive a brief boost to its engine power and top forward speed, as well as its initial momentum, allowing the heavy combat vehicle to accelerate.

When jet boosters are in use, the vehicle will have difficulty turning and moving in reverse. You will not be able to cancel the effect until one charge is fully depleted. After that, you will need to wait 5 seconds until the boosters are reloaded.

The boost effect will last 10 seconds and can be used up to six times per battle with the given amount of jet fuel (for the BZ-75). After the last use, the indicator will go out, notifying you of your empty fuel tanks, and you won’t be able to use the jet boosters for the remainder of the battle.

When used correctly, this mechanic will allow you to quickly cross dangerous areas at critical moments in battle, ram lightly armored targets more efficiently, or occupy key positions faster. Overall, there are plenty of ways to adapt this mechanic to your tactics and playstyle.

Every vehicle in the new Chinese branch will feature jet booster mechanics. However, the exact configurations (e.g., the number and duration of uses per battle) have yet to be finalized.

17 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: New Chinese Heavy Tank Branch: Tier X BZ-75

    1. For that to happen WG would have to completely revert the HE nerfs, and they will never do it. Also, if they were to remove the nerfs, this new Chinese line would be the most overpowered HT line in the game, even the top pos Chieftain and Bobject would easily melt.

  1. This at least answers the question of whether I’m going to need radio operators all through the branch.

    1. I highly recommend you to wait till the branch get released, the tier 8 premium had a radio operator on the stat sheet but when it was added to the game it go a loader instead. Just wait.

      1. A reasonable observation…though I have a of couple Chinese radiomen rattling around in my barracks.

    2. as a fellow dude here said, it is better to wait, just look at italian heavies: everything is fine until tier 10 with his weird ass crew layout

      1. I cant see them screwing up the crew configuration as the BZ 176 wood surely need 2 fit the crews from the tech tree line as the only medium of that line is released. I don’t have a crew in my Type 58 so the crew I put in to earn the experience to get the 1st rocket tank as soon as the line arrives. I might just move the Type 58 crew into the T7 tank and the Type 58 has both a loader and a radio operator… Altho it is weird that the BZ 176 did not hav the Cmmndr, Gunner, Driver, Radio operator config as it is not normal 2 allow the other line of the same type in a national tech tree 2 b directly interchangeable

  2. With the 152 this thing is fairly similar to the 705A, until we know the actual hidden stats of the armour I believe it’d be safe to say they’d play quite similar with the 2 exceptions of the turret placement and the “ramming speed” button, which’d make for a decent balanced tank. Shame I also expect wargaming to mess it up somehow.
    P.S. – 180mm – ammo capacity: 30, 152mm – ammo capacity: also 30, what?

  3. bruh they removed this kind of HE shell from game. If they added it again why they remove it in first place???????? WG so stupid and dumb, and people still invest in this dumb garbage game?????

  4. Adding the Premium BZ was the dumbest move I could ever imagine. Giving 0.44 accuracy to a gun with alpha damage of 800 in tier 8? I lost the ability to find the right word to describe this absolutely shocking stupidity. WG then gave tiny weak spots, strong side armour, and boost mechanism as to give a big middle finger to everyone playing the game. I’ve been playing this game for 9 years, and I am quitting this nonsense once and for all.

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