WoT: Halloween 2022

from October 20 through November 4

Celebrate Halloween 2022 in World of Tanks by taking part in 15v15 PvP battles in Tier VI–VIII vehicles on four familiar maps. These locations have been given a ghoulish Halloween look, so expect mysterious fog, a full moon, and other changes to put you in the spooky spirit. Also, get ready for quirky new rules, including:

  • Unusual victory conditions (you’ll love these)
  • Superpowers up for grabs on the battlefield
  • Special abilities activated before battle
  • Unlimited respawns
  • Free ammo and repairs

Along with bonds and vehicle customization items, the rewards will include a five-strong crew of charismatic characters with different major qualifications. Each crew member will also have a unique voiceover.

3 thoughts on “WoT: Halloween 2022

  1. The description of the crew makes me wonder whether this is like that “Girls and Panzers” crew that you had to use together as a unit to get the appropriate affect.

      1. It specifically says different Major qualifications, that’s commander, gunner, etc. so not 5 commanders. Given they’re supposedly driving a Tiger I, that’s 1 each of commander, gunner, loader, radio operator and driver. Considering how the video ends we can assume the first witch is the radio operator.

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