WoT: New Chinese Heavy Tanks

New Chinese heavy tanks are heading to the Supertest very soon. Transitioning from the Type 58 medium tank, this branch will include four vehicles:

Tier VII: BZ-58
Tier VIII: BZ-166
TIer IX: BZ-68
Tier X: BZ-75

After extensive and rigorous testing, we hope that these newly released vehicles will be interesting and unusual, while remaining balanced.

Brief concept description

This branch contains heavy assault tanks with strong hulls and well-sloped turret armour. Depending on the vehicle tier, these vehicles will have a choice between two guns: large calibre 122-152-mm guns, and super-large calibre 160-180-mm guns.

Each gun requires a different style of gameplay and combat use, so make your choice based on your preferred playstyle. These heavy tanks will also feature convenient gun depression angles.

Although vehicle mobility will be relatively low due to the vehicles’ strong armour, this is where the new jet boosters mechanic will come into play. In real life, these devices were used to cross rugged terrains. With them, combat vehicles could quickly travel through dangerous areas or leave the line of fire.

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25 thoughts on “WoT: New Chinese Heavy Tanks

  1. Yeni tanklar iyi hoş ama tank elde etmeyi bu kadar kolay hale getirerek WG WOT’u kendisi mahvediyor. 4 yıl önce oyun tam bir dağılma sürecine girdi. Umarım WG toparlar.

  2. Double-checking the calendar I see that it’s not April 1st yet, so this must be real. WG really must be expecting the Chinese market to save their fortunes!

    1. Please, the Japanese TDs were real.
      Those abominations most definitely were not.

      Even in Blitz the largest gun on the IJA TDs is “only” 149,1mm (15cm).

    2. Unlikely. The Japanese TDs are vehicles that actually existed rather than being Wargaming fabrications. There’s also very little chance that they would’ve ever planned on two TD lines in a row (Italy and Japan).

      1. Yeah, “real” you disgusting weebooz.

        Haven’t you weaks figured it out? Trying to stretch a single pre-1940s complete shit-tier design into a line is why it’s not in the game. We got that already.

    3. They are coming too this year along with a Japanese normal geavy tank line (not just the super heavies)

  3. So now they add jets, what about fucking finally adding the hybrid drive train to the porsche tanks WHICH WAS ACTUALLY MADE!!!!

  4. Undoubtedly they’ll make the super large calibre guns easily the best option for the tanks but force you to fire gold AP, with no standard AP option, gotta nuke the credits out of the playerbase. Not like plenty of older tanks had standard AP on their howitzers that are completely viable to use.
    I’d love to finally have chinese tech tree tanks that are fun to play, I enjoy a lot of the chinese premiums, but these are likely going to end up as obscenely invulnerable like the cancer italian TDs with a credit sink mess of gold ap.

  5. Rocket Tanks were definitely real and tested. Yet, prove impractical for combat and other operational field use. Even the damn did the deed, then failed to make’em work. Yes, even the Ruskies and U.S. Army tried their hand. . . guess what?

    Same as China & U.K., total failure.

    The reason : well like anything that has rockets. You need special fuel to make them work. Think Space Shuttle, and one gets the idea of just how immensely expensive it would be to produce, Manufacture, and create infrastructure to pull off the need for Rocket Tanks.

    Glad to see these kinds of tanks coming to World of Tanks. Its nice for change.

    1. People are angry about these tanks because WarGaming would rather make bullshit Chinese heavy tanks than to actually giving us something interesting (like Japanese TDs branch that was promised by WarGaming, or a tech tree Chieftain tank, a Chieftain with actual cupola weakspot! What a revolutionary idea). Not because of Rockets.
      I mean, the idea of rocket tank is fine, but should be much lower on the priority list than, lets say, tank balancing, or 3-marks rigging problem.

      1. Mate I expect u know by now but both a new line of conventional Japanese heavies as well as the promised Japanese TD’s are coming in 2023

  6. 160-180mm? Did they even conceptualize put those calibers on tanks. I thought the largest tank caliber designed to mounted on tanks was somewhere around 140-155mm.

    1. Well, if you include tank destroyers, then there’s the FV4005 Stage 1 and Stage 2.
      But for the most part; larger than 155mm is overkill.

  7. Nobody mentioned the autoloaders, seems WG can’t enter a tank unless it has an autoloader, and yet the STRV103B had an Autoloader as standard and they haven’t implemented that. One wonders, as I have said before, sack the Devs. Employ people that know tanks and are not just “gamers” Turned the game into an Arcade version, idiots.

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