WoT Supertest: Changes On Westfield

1) The “pit” (squares A1–A3) was reworked.
The upper team players can no longer fire using gun depression in the early stages of battle.
A more convenient pocket for the upper team players was added (square A2

2) Wreckage was added (square C1), functioning as a pocket that allows for completely hiding the tank hull from enemy fire.

3) The village layout was reworked (squares D4, D5, and E5) to remove the line of fire (squares E6–E7) at the lower team’s heavy tanks at the ridge (square C3).

4) The hill terrain (square K7) was changed for safer and more convenient gameplay for the lower team’s medium tanks.

5) Rocks were added and the terrain was changed on the cliff (square G4) to prevent vehicles from accidentally falling.

6) On the route of vehicles to the medium tank direction at the start of battle (squares D9–D0), rocks were removed to prevent vehicles from jumping on them.

4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Changes On Westfield

  1. The last bit is meaningless but the rest looks interesting
    I like that they A) removed that camper corner and b) made the town more dense

    1. Disagree too, a lot of matches going full speed with my light tank I flipped myself… or needed to stop because another guy flipped .-. losing precious time at the start of the game

      1. The amount of times i saw any flipped tank on this map i can count on one hand.
        Those happen if at all in the middle. Its not that flippy a map……
        Apprently one should pay more attention to his surroundings

  2. well, I disagree. in numerous matches I almost flipped my tank, as the ricks had bad visibility against the terrain.

    changes look good on first sight but proper testing will be interesting.

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