WoT Supertest: Changes On Cliff

There’s a small imbalance in favor of the lower team due to lines of fires from the base to the central part of the map wherein mostly heavy tanks fight.

1) The line of fire from the base (square J3) near the heavy tanks at the center of the map was reduced significantly to improve the gameplay comfort for heavy vehicles.

2) Small intermediate terrain cover was added on the upper base side in the heavy tank zone (square E5).

3) The rock was slightly enlarged to cover the line of fire at heavy tanks (square G5). Similar changes were made to the opposite side.

4) A pit (squares D4–D5) where light and medium tanks could drop to was removed. (This position played the role of a trap—tanks rolled in and couldn’t play effectively from that position anymore.) The height of the rock was also reduced to open a line of fire at the hill from the base position usually occupied by TDs.

5) A solo boost-up (square F7) was removed.

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