WoT RU: New Game Logo

According to WOT Express, the new logo for World of Tanks – “Мир танков” (the RU version of the game, under Lesta Studio) has been unveiled:
This will ONLY apply for the RU version, as it is technically an independently-operated game now. The EU, NA, and ASIA regions will remain with the current name and logo under Wargaming.

15 thoughts on “WoT RU: New Game Logo

  1. I wonder how my friend MachineWardaddy is doing… I hope he didn’t got conscripted to “special military operation” and sent to die in Kerson… That will be a shame…😈

      1. Sooo…. How’s your life, Ivan? How’s the conscription? Do you have all you need? Did they gave you clothes ? If not, i can send you some socks😈

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