WoT: Object 283 In-Game Screenshots


9 thoughts on “WoT: Object 283 In-Game Screenshots

  1. Hull looks very compact but turret seems to be very vulnerable against gold.
    This thing looks pretty unique but a sidescraping MT in this meta?
    I don’t see it shines even in city maps where it can sidescrape. Because it will simply get Gold-ed in the face and outtraded easily.
    If WG don’t buff that absolutely trash AP then I’m pretty sure nobody will play this.

    1. That’s right buff everything so useless players like you don’t have to think.
      Some players like the challenge of certain tanks being labelled “trash” rather than a boring quick 3 mark

      1. Tanks labelled as “trash” usually have very low EVV so 3-marking them is very easy. They have so low EVV simply because no one wants to play with them, and experienced players are no except. That’s how you have your “boring quick 3 mark”.
        If you wants to use “your brain” with only 226 AP pen against tier 9 & 10, feel free to do so =))))))
        Useless players like me who are literally less than 1% of the playerbase? xDDD
        If your recent WN8 is 5k+ then you can call me a “bad” player.
        If your recent WN8 is at least 3k+ then I will consider you as someone who knows how to play the game partially =))))

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