14 thoughts on “WoT – A TD With a “Cyclic” Autoloader: How to Play the Vipera

  1. The armor is as insane as all CC told. However, you will need HEAT rounds to face any tier 10 heavy (except paper heavies like the 50B) driven by even a semi-skilled player. Pay a lot and drive for leisure… exactly like you’d do with an Italian luxury car. :p

  2. Best armor in t8. Lower plate armor are just make me laugh. in t8 mm, just invincible on close quarters combat.

    1. My guess is that sooner or later we’ll see a t8 tank that turret with no weakness + blocking 340mm, or no frontal weakness(either turret or hull). only thing i can do is,laughing 😆😂🥲😔

    1. Yeah, it’s a typical power creep. A standard selling strategy in the mobile gaming market. This brings a lot of money, so the business department of wg will always study. If you think of the gold shell, wg was interested a lot in the business model from the start.

  3. I OWN THE TANK.. and the armor is like TIGER P…
    Its fairly flat so either it doesnt go through or (in case of tier 9+10) shooting ALWAYS…
    Same goes for Tier8 prem ammo or sideshots. It struggles going around corners because its sluggish as a T28 when it turns. A bit faster straight but not more than kv3

    I LOVE you guys crying OP OP OP when you never ever touched one.
    you read a stat or two said “oh i know it all!” and ‘decided’ its OP.

    It takes THIRTY… 3 – 0 30!! … seconds for 5 shots. Shots with 220 pen!
    Can you name others that are SO SLOW?
    … freaking GSOR takes !! 6 !! seconds for 4 shots!

    6 .!! vs 30… for a clip worth of damage.
    And dont get me started on bloom and the 0.41 accuracy which is KV2 like when moving (slowly around corners, exposing your butter side)

    And Somua, oohh Somua slaps this child left right and center when it comes to burst damage and mobility…

    … ugh.

    Always the same. “its op its trash jajaja” and nothing in between.
    the tank is fine. its NOT OP. not broken and very situational (MM mainly)

    I swear to god you ALL gave the same arguments when there was TURTLE
    “OH OP ARMOR; 3000DPM! BROKEN BROKEN!” … and- when was the last time you saw that little shit shuffling around? HUH? … yeah thought so.

    TS-5 is far stronger for a TD. more pen, accuracy, and the armor works if that lower plate is somewhat hidden. (and yes, Vipra has a lower plate, doofus squad.
    Progetto, IS3A, hack even 703 II are stronger. In fact 703 is just like it! and it got neat double whammy! and NO 35s reload… buuuut that one you forgot, conveniently

    “Op armor op armor” – until it isnt. https://tanks.gg/tank/vipera/model?vm=live
    go ahead and GENTLY turn the tank to side and watch giant patches go instantly green. pff.

    Outplaying anyone or anything, learning how it works so you can take it out, i guess thats a BIG NO NO on this site.

    Could go on for weeks naming examples but eh- i guess thinking aint as much fun as whining. Wait 1 week and those things are mostly garage. Until then better also hide in your garage! so mean wooohhh!

    1. You are mostly right. 🙂 These tanks, however, seem very beginner-friendly. It’s easier to correct, or at least lessen, a bad accuracy/pen, than correct a bad angling or positioning. After a couple hours playing with the Vipera and the Minotauro, I can say they are quite relaxing to roll with (if we can tolerate the meh guns). It’s good after a hard day’s work.

      1. SEEM is the right word. but its not. You have to KNOW who can AP punch through your armor and NOT give others time to reload gold. Also your timing on corners is tricky.

        TS-5 is far friendlier to noobs. Its the big Su100y.
        Just autoaim, and push fire. It got the accuracy and punch and idiot proof armor (auto aim will not just aim but help idiots not to stand sideways XD

        And while this sounds negative or so, no, i think its a GOOD TANK and once, as you said, get a feel for it and have those 2-3 shot moments, its fun! It certainly aint as frustrating as TVP 100 (total paper ;(

        I take a GOOD alpha over DPM in those kinda tanks. It certainly lets you trade HP in your favor if nothing else. What good is DPM if you can’t apply it, right?

        Good. Not outstanding. I think its a fine addition.
        Also it does look VERY cool in a line up :)) Most important!

        ps.i feel Bisconte is stronger.
        Armor works just as good (in fact its not as ‘misleading, like here or on the Defender) and everything else is far superior. The auto-reloader also makes your bursts far more flexible! (the TRUE DPM of Bis is simply higher).

        Oh and I am very glad there is another reasonable person on this site 😀
        Its so very rare seing someone who takes the time to get to know the tank better.

        I will play the ITAL TD line soon too! (the ITAL medium line is THE most fun tree! and I hope for similar experience here^^
        Though my Foch155 needs WAY more outside time. 3×750 bursts are just naughty!

    2. Why the drama?

      Vipera relies a lot on the matchmaker – top tier or same tier and it’s bullshit, higher tiers and it struggles. Thankfully as a Tier 8 seeing same tiers is fairly normal.

      As for the gun, this thing is not meant to camp and snipe, the bad accuracy should not matter.

      I do wish the Italian TDs had regular single shot guns though, but WG has a hardon for autoloaders and autoloaders are the Italian “thing”…

  4. Only subhumans give money to WG, especially in 2022. I really hope this cancer = russians on this planet will get ruled out like bugs in the underwear of a 80 year old hooker. Fuck all russians and get rid of them now!

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      I pay whomever i want for whatever I want.
      WG wants to earn a bug and they gotta entertain me
      Fair trade. ofc a non working leech doesnt get how “pay for work” works 😀

  5. @Fizz why don’t you just stfu.
    You are another 43% bot offering shit advise about a game you are clearly trash at.

    1. He’s probably actually a ok player. his game logic is solid.

      But his language is aggressive, and his sentences are written to mock others. He’s looking down on other people in this community. Even if he says the same thing, he can be much kinder, much more sophisticated. Then his opinion would be more convincing.

      I forgot for a moment that he was looking for a chance to stab others in this community.

      1. That’s what a spoilt American kid is like. Can’t play wot and comes here to troll. Probably banned from forum too.

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