WoT: The Fame Point Shop Is Open On EU/NA/ASIA/RU

Today, around 15:05 CET, the exchange of Fame Points for the CW event became available, and a little earlier (at lunchtime), styles, stripes, etc. were credited.

⚡For the first time, clan players had to wait ONLY half a day for all this!

• The clan store has been opened (purchase for Fame Points) and it has become possible to take your hard earned tanks from the event.
• You can exchange Fame Points for prize bonuses until August 18, 10:00 (CET).
• The Bond Auction itself has also started (it is already possible to place bids).
* You can place bets even if you left the clan. Deadline: until August 18 05:59 (CET).
• The workshop will be open until the end of the exchange of Fame Points for prize bonuses – August 18, 02:59 (CET).

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