WoT: Update 1.18 Common Test Leak

On WOT Express the Russian language video of patch 1.18 Common Test has been leaked.
Expect a lot of changes like: the new Italian tank destroyers, the brand-new “Outpost” map, balance changes to six (6) existing maps, and more!

3 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.18 Common Test Leak

  1. well i dont speak blyat but that was really interesting, there are some changes i didnt expected to see this soon, hope it doesnt take too much time to release, i want to play italian tds, im out of lines to grind

  2. Emil 2 is seriously nerfed.. Unlike Kran(its nerf is fair I would say), it wasn’t that imbalanced and 0.42 for top gun is way too harsh..

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