Wargaming Expands Its European Presence By Opening Two New Offices In Europe

Wargaming Belgrade and Wargaming Warsaw will host up to 400 employees.

Following Wargaming’s decision to withdraw from business in 🇷🇺Russia and 🇧🇾Belarus, the company announces the next step in its restructuring process – the opening of two new studios in Belgrade ( 🇷🇸Serbia) and Warsaw ( 🇵🇱Poland), which will strengthen the global position of the organization. The new locations will be the 7th and 8th Wargaming offices in Europe, joining Nicosia, Vilnius, Prague, Kyiv, Guildford and Berlin, and will host up to 400 employees.

The Belgrade office of Wargaming will employ both foreign and local specialists involved in the development and publication of games. In the future, the office will also become an important relocation center for Wargaming employees from different countries. The studio will focus on the World of Tanks and World of Warships franchises, providing key services and potential new product development.

Wargaming Warsaw will initially house a small publishing team, with further development plans for the location to be determined as Wargaming’s restructuring process continues.

“Warsaw and Belgrade were logical choices for these new locations, both cities are fast-growing technology sectors with huge potential. We look forward to working closely with the IT communities in both cities to create best-in-class game development and publishing businesses. Wargaming continues to move forward with big plans for the future. Belgrade and Warsaw will play an important role in achieving our goals.”
— Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming noted.

As part of the Belgrade office opening, Wargaming will support the growth of local gaming talent by offering an immersive local internship program, Wargaming Forge. This program will allow talented people (local students, graduates, junior professionals) to master skills under the guidance of experienced leaders and mentors of the company.

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