Assembly Shop: Craft a Brand-New Tier X Heavy!

Greetings, Commanders! From June 16 through July 11, the Assembly Shop will be available in World of Tanks.

During this time, you’ll be able to assemble the Object 780, a brand-new Tier X Soviet heavy tank. Combine and spend in-game resources for the vehicle’s assembly at your discretion, change their ratio—it’s all up to you! The number of vehicles available for assembly is limited to 50,000, and the first 15,000 tanks will receive the spectacular Varanus 3D style with an individual style number! Let’s dig into the details.

Assembly Shop

From June 16 at 07:00 CEST through July 11 at 02:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The event may finish early if the allotted number of vehicles is sold out sooner.

How to Access the Assembly Shop

Go to the special section using the widget below.

Get a New Tier X Tank Without Researching Its Vehicle Branch!

The Assembly Shop is a new way to receive a limited-edition Tier X tank without having to research another vehicle branch! Like in a real assembly shop, you’ll spend various game resources to craft the brand-new Object 780, including blueprint fragments, Free XP, credits, gold, and bonds. Their ratio can be determined at your discretion.

The number of vehicles available for assembly is limited—only 50,000 tanks. At the same time, the first 15,000 players will receive not only the vehicle itself but also the spectacular Varanus 3D style for it that includes an individual style number. It will be displayed on the gun and in eye-catching red lights at the rear of the turret. The style also includes three unique camouflage patterns for each map type. They will change automatically, depending on the season.

Upon their complete assembly, individual style numbers will be assigned to vehicles sequentially, from 1 to 15,000. You won’t be able to choose your style number or know which number you’ll get. One thing is sure, though: The sooner you unlock it, the lower it will be.

Varanus is a truly exclusive style. No one else will have the same unique number in your region, and you have a chance to get an incredible customization item. Don’t wait for the last days of the event if you want to extend your vehicle collection with a unique and limited-edition Tier X tank! Currently, the Assembly Shop is the only way to obtain the Object 780 and a 3D style for it.

Once all the 15,000 numbered styles and accompanying vehicles have been purchased, another 35,000 tanks will still be available. They will come in their standard configuration—without the 3D style and individual style number—and will be available for assembly until the end of the event or until they run out.

Use Resources as You See Fit!

Any of the following five game resources can be used to assemble the Object 780:

  • Free XP
  • National and universal blueprint fragments*
  • Credits
  • Gold
  • Bonds
Blueprint fragments can be used to complete up to 36% of the total vehicle assembly progress: 22% with national fragments, and 14% with universal. You’ll be able to spend up to 50 national blueprint fragments of each nation.

The value of the resources varies, so each of them has a different effect on the assembly progress. You can use one or several resources at once. You’ll be able to freely combine and spend them in different ratios throughout the event. Also, you don’t need to wait and can spend everything at once if you have enough of one or more resources. You get to decide how to make the best use of your resources to efficiently assemble the Object 780!

Resources for the assembly are deducted from your account each time you decide to add them to the Assembly. You can track your progress on a special bar in the game event section of the Store. Once its progress reaches 100%, the vehicle will be credited to your account. See what happens to your resources if you don’t finish the Assembly in the section below.

With a well-weighed approach, the set of resources that can be used to fill the progression allows for decreasing the cost of Free XP or gold by almost half. We encourage you to go through the examples so you spend your resources wisely!


To make the most out of your available resources, we recommend adding them in the following order:

  1. Blueprint fragments. Use everything you don’t mind using. In total, you can fill the progression up to 36% (14% with universal, 22% with national blueprint fragments).
  2. Free XP is the most efficient resource. We suggest mainly focusing on it to complete the progression.
  3. Gold is the most convenient resource. But if you have Combat XP, consider converting it to Free XP using gold.
  4. Bonds are a valuable resource for assembling the vehicle but are quite rare.
  5. Credits. Compared to the other resources, the efficiency of credits is much lower. It then makes sense to use them in two cases only: if you have A LOT of credits, or if you have reduced the vehicle cost (filled the progression) as much as possible but want to get an even greater discount on its assembly.

Object 780: Special-Purpose Combat Vehicle

Now let’s talk about what exactly you will be assembling. The Object 780 is a powerful and maneuverable assault heavy tank that stands out among other same-tier heavies.

The first thing that attracts attention is its excellent frontal armor. The lower and upper glacis plates are quite small and well-sloped, making it hard for opponents to penetrate them. Trading shells with this monster—even at a short distance—is a bad idea. Moreover, the unique shape of the hull protects the vehicle quite well from taking damage through the tracks, which is only possible in very rare cases and most likely due to a mistake by the commander rather than the hull’s shape. This will make you more confident in assaults and save the vehicle’s precious HP pool.

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.

Despite its strong armor, the Object 780 accelerates quickly and maintains its top speed well. However, the vehicle’s top speed is 45 km/h, which is not very fast. The Object 780 can move from one flank to another, but this will take time, so you’ll need to choose the right direction in battle. But the vehicle can confidently follow its allies to support them with armor and fire at the right time.

The main strength of the Object 780 is its good gun-handling parameters for a heavy tank, including a high damage per shot of 530 HP. In addition, its aiming time, dispersion, and accuracy are top-notch, so the Object 780 is suitable not only as a first-line brawler but also for positional medium- and long-range combat. Good gun depression/elevation angles also contribute to such gameplay: The vehicle can take advantage of terrain irregularities and safely fire from cover.

Remember that the tank is very compact, so its modules are located close to one another. This makes it easy to receive critical damage, so it’s good to equip it with Modified Configuration or try to play carefully.

The Object 780 is well armored, but its HP pool is not very impressive. You should use armor correctly in combat and take advantage of the good gun depression angles—you’ll then have a better chance of surviving. Also, its rate of fire is not the highest compared to other heavies. Together with your limited HP pool, this makes you vulnerable in close combat, so don’t get into duels unless you’re sure that you can come out victorious.

In a nutshell, the Object 780 can easily play both as a brawler and mighty support vehicle. This is a versatile and effective vehicle that you can rely on in any situation.

Risk-Free Resources Returns

If you’re unable to collect the required amount of resources by the end of the event, there are no risks for the spent resources. They will automatically return to the account in full.

If you change your mind and want to get everything back, click the Return Resources button. The assembly progress will be reset, and you’ll be able to re-distribute and spend resources at your discretion or stop the assembly progress entirely. You’ll have time to decide, but don’t delay it—tanks with individual style numbers won’t be available forever!

The Assembly Shop is your opportunity to craft a limited-edition Tier X tank right in your Garage. Spend and combine resources—everything depends on you!

22 thoughts on “Assembly Shop: Craft a Brand-New Tier X Heavy!

    1. Let’s see:
      Op armour
      High standard pen
      Op armour
      530 alpha
      Op aimtime
      Op armour
      Good softstats
      Good accuracy
      Op armour
      Stronkh mobility
      Op viewrange

      And then above everything….
      … Op armour

      1. They could sure use these ”supreme”tanks in Ukraine LoL.Instead of the t-62s they will use in the near future.God bless Democracy,and fuck russia lel

    1. as it is a reward tank, not a premium tank, you don’t get anything except being able to use other crews. Just like for all other reward tanks.

    1. 100mm plate which is basically angled like the one on STRV. So, yes, its not a facehugger, but you wont pen it with anything reliably (or at all..on flat ground) other then TDs with big HEATs.

  1. So…to listen to QB, this is basically an Obj.277 with better gun depression. Mildly interested, but I’ll let other people go crazy. That WG is letting people spend any in-game currency is kind of interesting. At this point I’m mostly prepared to complete the grind to get the Cobra and that might be it for me. I doubt that I’ll high-power my way through the Italian TDs.

  2. Spend all my in game currency and I get to 58%
    Then what?
    No tank and no currency left lmfao

  3. There can never be a T954201, we’re fed up with russian supporters, we expect you to give cheftain like this…

  4. it is not an meta tank
    i can tell you already HEAT will tear this tank like is nothing
    is super expensive and defenetly not OP

    1. Someone with a brain who checked the stats of the vehicle instead of going “oP rEWarD rUSSiAn fUcK wGinG”

  5. I wonder if we can mix national fragments? Or will we print it separately for each country? For example, if I do not have Japanese fragments, can I throw the surplus in another country there?

    1. at 11 +2 gmt is like 26.000 left, people still do not buy it because its very expensive and very ussless

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