18 thoughts on “WoT – Object 780 Coming Soon?

      1. Senlac is for 8000 bonds in the bond shop so you can definitely get senlac with 15000 bonds.

      2. “Senlac” sounds like a geriatric laxative.
        “For gentle over night relief, take Senlac.”

  1. Sure hope to hell it’s bonds ‘cuz I’m tired of all these OP tanks hidden behind a paywall…

  2. I only have 10k bonds bc I bought the foch in the last days… but I also want this tank… I hate that there is no way to earn more than 5 or 7 bonds per game…

  3. i hope its an auction where minimum is 15k, maximum 20 milion bonds
    so loosers with loads and loads of bonds buy this and get disapointed of it

  4. Maybe number of tanks for clan wars tank season? Also, the WoT NA Facebook shows 7000 instead of 15000.

  5. Seb, i can confirm you it’s actually the TikTok’s 15K subscribers code unlock video. WG stated in the Russian forum that now they will inform of the TikTok Challenge updates via videos.

  6. Doesn’t matter what it is: only gay subhuman pieces of SHIT buy anything Z-russian, right?

    The glorious motherland army is getting fucked up by the poorest country in europe. I hope they hit a NATO territory, just to see all this russians getting smackedt to the useless piece of SHIT they are!

    1. wow, you just describe yourself… cocksucking moron… this is just game, asshole

  7. by the way the video has the numbers climb from 0-15000 I’d guess there will be 15000 tanks available limit, this will drive a players auction into frenzy spend mode.

    Bonds are a useless currency (zero real dollar value) to WG, they can be earned completely for free, I’d expect a gold or credit or free xp auction, as players can SPEND SPEND SPEND!!! real money to grow these in their accounts, in a moment of consumer madness when they see this monster go live auction.

    Yes- players WILL buy credits for real money if “encouraged” by our god overlords WeeGee.
    ALL HAIL THE WEEGEE. And it’s two sons, RNG and MM.

  8. If it’s sold in the form of an auction, it’s going to create a really high price 😎🥤🍟

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