Supertest: TL-7-120 and K-91 Version II (Initial Stats)

Two Tier IX vehicles will soon head to the Supertest:

The TL-7-120, an American Tier IX tank destroyer

This tank destroyer combines the advantages of both classic anti-tank guns and mobile medium tanks. The effective frontal armour in the hull is 100mm and the turret armour thickness is 200mm. The vehicle’s durability is 1,500HP. It’s also worth mentioning that it has a high maximum speed of 60km/h with a specific power of 18.6h.p./t.

The vehicle features a four-shell reloading system and a damage per shot of 360 HP. Reloading a full magazine takes 33 s, while the reload time between each shot is 2s. The aiming time is 2.1s, and the dispersion is 0.35m. Its standard AP shell can penetrate as much as 252mm of armour, while the average penetration of its special APCR shell is 315mm.

The TL-7-120 can just as easily sharpshoot from long distances as it can provide mid-range fire support to allied medium and heavy tanks.

K-91 Version II—Soviet Tier IX medium tank returns to supertest

The K-91 Version II has already been at the Supertest, but the vehicle has undergone a rebalance within the current test iteration.

The tank is equipped with a 100mm gun that causes 300HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 248mm, while the special HEAT shell can penetrate 320mm of armour. It has an aiming time of 2.1s, a dispersion of 0.35m, and a reload time of 7.2s.

However, the vehicle cannot boast of its protection. The frontal hull armour reaches 110mm, while the turret armour is 220mm. The vehicle’s durability is 1,600HP. It has a top speed of 55km/h, and its specific power is 18.9h.p./t.

The firepower characteristics and poor armouring make the K-91 Version II a good medium- to long-distance fighter. The vehicle’s low profile makes it a hard target for enemies, while its good mobility allows it to change flanks easily.

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4 thoughts on “Supertest: TL-7-120 and K-91 Version II (Initial Stats)

  1. the TL-7 is based on the TL-7C but armed with a 120mm gun, originally it was designed with a the same 90mm T208 smoothbore as the T95 (medium tank), not even the 105mm smoothbore from the T96, but at least the armor is close to as designed (100mm vs historical 3.8in=96.52mm @60º)
    the engine was “upgraded” from 400 to 520 h.p
    in my opinion it is odd it was made a TD, I can at least remember 7 or 8 rear turret designs that would fit a TD role much better, some from “light” medium tanks and some from light tanks
    I always hoped WG would use those to make a new “Hellcat-like” TD line, not the traditional glass-cannon TD line but a line that hit like a medium tank but have better concealment and worse view range

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