WoT CN: The trade caravan has arrived

In the meantime, the Trading Caravan event returned on the Chinese server, with a tier 8 British premium heavy tank, the Gonzalo, along with a unique customizable 3D style. The price of the tank is 345 yuan (47,99 euros).

Note that the final parameters of the tank have been updated.
Changed Stats:  
Special shell (HESH) penetration adjusted from 219mm to 209mm.
Special shell (HESH) speed adjusted from 924 to 824.
Maximum speed adjusted from 35 km/h to 37 km/h.
Aiming time adjusted from 3.5 seconds to 3.2 seconds.

Apart from it the T-44-122 is available for the CN server as well, for most likely gold. Which is a Supertester Exclusive tank for the rest of the WoT servers.

What’s included in the Trader’s Caravan Pack?

Packs drop randomly every day, and their contents always surprise you. But one thing’s for sure: you might find something impressive inside. You can purchase these packs with Silver, Gold, War Bonds and Chinese Yuan.

For example, the following items may be included:

  • Gold tanks and special tanks: Gonzalo, T-44-122A, SU-130PM, Panhard EBR75, T77, etc.
  • 3D style: Armored Santa Claus, Land Cruiser, Monster, Last True Dragon, etc.,
  • 2D style: greedy eater, general ice and snow, horn hunter exclusive to M4A1 upgrade, hot dog exclusive to TOG II, desert poisonous scorpion exclusive to Scorpio, etc.
  • rental tanks (without crew),
  • improved accessories,
  • 180 days or 360 days of World of Tanks Premium Account,
  • Attractive discount packs with other in-game items.

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  1. meh
    for half a second i thought the caliban gets a slight buff to its HE
    I wish you were less dependend on AP

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