Recon Mission Mode Details

Recon Mission mode will return to the main servers in June. It will not be launched immediately on the test server and will only be there for a limited time. You will be able to check three new maps and three improved maps from the previous launches, as well as a changed format. Now, all six maps will be tested simultaneously in one iteration. There will be other enjoyable changes, but the main rules will remain the same.
Your participation in the Common Test will help us test the stability of the future version.

7 thoughts on “Recon Mission Mode Details

    1. Airship is gud. Kloster is alright

      But Far East plays and looks like an untalented modder had a go. It’s an inconsistent Mish mash and 60% wasted space.

      I Perma ignore it if they insist on this dirt.
      Nobody i played with on this map liked it.
      Not once. I asked nearly all teams.

      Sunken cost at work….

  1. That there is only one “Winter” and one “Desert” map suggests those are basically set to go in the game; the real competition here is between the four “Temperate” maps. I didn’t dislike “Far East,” but I could be sold on something different.

  2. My team abuse me and say go spotting. So i go spotting in bush and I’m died from invisible’s not fair!!!

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