Reminder of Frontline’s Starting Date

As for the Frontline fanatics out there, it’s finally coming back, exclusively for Tier 8 this time. Starting on the 23rd of May. It’s time to dust off your favorite Tier 8 premium tanks and get ready.

7 thoughts on “Reminder of Frontline’s Starting Date

  1. “exclusively for Tier 8” ? Has been ever for other Tier? I played Frontline all the time, always tier 8.

        1. Not necessarily. WG may have rebalanced Frontline’s economy.
          Either way, players who completed at least 6 stages of Art of Strategy have credits boosters to use. 🙂

  2. Frontline is the only reason i keep this shitty game installed.
    Random mode boring as fuck.
    Any mode WG do themselves is a total failure. Frontline was done by another company. Enough said.

    1. Same here. I only play FL each year, after 11 years of having played this game, and Randoms being toxic and boring.

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