Art of Strategy: How to Play 1vs7


Each of the seven vehicles in the Strategist squad is an effective combat unit capable of acting independently, based on the orders received, which are given by the Strategist, who is able to see the full picture of the battle. These can be attack, base defense, move, or retreat orders. But before giving them away, it would be nice to know exactly how the AI ​​does them.


 Let’s start with the “Move” order. Everything seems to be clear here: the player right-clicks on a point on the map, and the tank goes to the specified position. Not difficult, right? However, take your time, this order works a little more complicated: vehicles will not only move along a given route, but also use covers to protect themselves from enemy fire.

Moreover, the AI will stop to fire if it detects a target within the radius of destruction. Fire opens under the following conditions:

  • if the enemy vehicle is spotted;
  • if the target can be destroyed or its armor can be penetrated;
  • if the AI can deal more damage than it will receive within the next 5 seconds.

The vehicle will fire on the move only if it can hit the selected target with a probability of more than 75%.

If you give the order   “Rush” , then the tank will go to the specified point along the shortest route. shooting on the move and ignoring enemy fire.

Upon arrival, it will seek cover within 25 meters of the specified point. AI will try to choose a cover that can protect your vehicles from enemy fire and at the same time, allow them to shoot.

If during the movement the vehicle is not detected by the enemy, the AI ​​will try to hide it behind the vegetation. Therefore, you should not be surprised if, having arrived at the indicated place, the tanks will slightly change their positions – it is simply looking for the optimal position.

Target selection

The AI ​​will always check which targets can be hit and which can deal maximum damage. This will take into account a number of parameters:

  • distance to the target – the closer, the better; 
  • target armor – search for vulnerable areas;
  • chance of hitting the target – the probability of hitting the target;
  • armor penetration chance;
  • the number of health points   the less they have, the higher the priority of the target;
  • base capture: enemy vehicles that capture are always high priority targets;
  • and other factors.


If you give the order   “Attack” , the tank will shoot strictly at the specified target. The execution of the order will begin immediately if the line of fire is clear and the gun is loaded. Once fired, the AI ​​vehicle will seek cover that provides the best protection against all visible targets.

A vehicle may leave cover for a shot if:

  • it will remain unspotted;
  • will be able to deal more damage than receive;
  • will not lose more than 5% hitpoints of durability.

If the enemy is within 80 meters, then the AI vehicle will try to counter the target and will definitely do it when the player gives the “Attack” order by double-clicking on the enemy vehicle.

The AI ​​will shoot at enemy tracks if the enemy armor cannot be penetrated. Also, AI can go for a ram, if having an advantage in weight and a sufficient number of hit points.

There are actually quite a few different aspects of the AI ​​decision mechanism, but for now it’s better to focus on combat.

Combat formation

The player can combine several tanks at once into a group and give them an order to move to a certain point.

The placement of vehicles in a group depends on the number of selected vehicles and their type, but always obeys the same rules:

  • Heavy armored tanks at the forefront;
  • Tank destroyers move closer to the center or on the second line in order to be protected from enemy fire;
  • Medium tanks are located on the sides of the formation, which allows them to quickly leave it and go around from the flank;
  • Self-propelled guns and light tanks, as the most vulnerable, are at the back.

To change battle formation, hold the right mouse button and move the cursor forward or backward.

Distribution of earned points

The Strategist receives 100 event points for a victory, 80 for a defeat. The number of event points received by Tankers depends on their place in the post-battle statistics.

Place in post-battle statistics Points for victory Points for defeat
1 100 80
2 80 60
3 80 60
4 60 40
5 50 30
6 40 20
7 20 5

Tanks that are not available in the mode

EBR 105, ST-II, Strv 103B, M-V-Y and CS-63 will be unavailable in the mode due to their game mechanics which add an extra layer of complexity to the AI ​​configuration.

Also, you cannot select reward vehicles for competing, vehicles for the Global Map and Ranked Battles, as well as promotional and rental vehicles.

There are more than enough excellent combat vehicles in the game without the above, which will help the player realize his full strategic potential.

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