WoT Console: World War II Co-Op Mode

Multiplayer battles are at the heart of World of Tanks Modern Armor. Now, it’s time for you and your fellow tankers to join forces against a common enemy.

With the launch of the April 19th update, you’ll have the choice of experiencing the World War II game mode in two ways:

  • The 15v15 PvP gameplay that you know and love
  • New 15v15 human versus AI Co-op gameplay

World War II Co-Op Mode places you on a team with up to fourteen other human players. You’ll be pitted against a team of fifteen savage AI players that have been programmed to achieve one goal: victory at all costs.

  • If there are not enough humans, your team will be supplemented with bots to fill the roster.

6 thoughts on “WoT Console: World War II Co-Op Mode

  1. Meanwhile in wot pc we get yet more Soviet medium and heavy tanks to buy.
    No wonder the game is dead.

    1. i dont know PvE could actually kill wot.
      After you playing with descent people you know there will be no reason to play randoms with super bad players

      1. PvE is what mande Armored Warfare fun, and thus made Random Battles obsolete. Would surely have the same outcome in WoT. Yet, AW devs are putting more effort into the game (events, game modes, new missions and campaigns) than we will ever see from f-ing WG.

      2. It would indeed only WHEN and IF:
        such a PvE mode allows a player to progress in any practical area in and through the current game content that is relevant to Randoms and or related to Clanwars.
        Like gaining universal Exp to unlock the next tank in the tech tree, PM progression, bonds, or a marathons/event progression, etc.
        Because if that THAT was the case, it indeed would mean that there would be no reason to play Randoms.

        Knowing THAT, you can design a PvE mode that does that does NOT KILL WoT or the need to play Randoms.
        Randoms thus would still be the MAJOR and main game mode, where players progress in:
        – grinding credits,
        – grinding Exp & Free Exp to unlock modules and the next tech tree tank,
        – grinding Crew Exp for skills/perks,
        – grinding bonds,
        – grinding blueprints,
        – grinding PvP personal missions/marathons/events etc etc.

        A PvE game mode can thus be designed that allows a player to play with the (IMO rather important) “tanks they have in their garages” and have fun, while not progression in a major way on the points listed above.
        Thus if they want to progress to a next tech tree tank, or finish that one last PM mission to get that “Object-you-one-which-one”, or Marathon stage for it’s reward, they would need to switch to and play the Random game mode.

        But then you could think:
        “what’s the incentive to play that PvE mode?” and “why the heck anyone play that, if I gain nothing from it?”.

        A new form PvE only Exp and PvE only credit, the only things that are rewarded in that mode and one that does not count towards any major content progression like normal/free and or crew Exp.

        Thus not effecting the need to play Randoms for major progression, except for two aspects: a tank modules and crew progression to 100% (capped)

        PvE Exp, Tank Module Exp, that can only unlock tank modules and can do nothing more.
        PvE credits. Credits only applicable to the PvE mode, with which a player can buy the unlocked modules.
        The Exp form and Credits would offer players a means to unlock the modules of their tank, but not Elite it therefor keeping the need to play Randoms.
        In the meantime it would offer a means to learn how to play their tank and the maps, in a more “friendly” environment then doing so in Randoms.

        WG could contemplate adding in a premium paid conversion system for the remaining PvE Exp and Credits. This is controversial however as it would negate the segregation of progression between the two mode.

        Anyway, very long story short. The above is IMO one of the very few way a PvE mode could successfully be introduced in WoT without killing WoT and be a practical addition that incentives new or old players to play it as well.

        1. With a few more maps and as a standalone mode or game I would play frontlines and never touch randoms again =}

  2. I love to see PvE, after all not all want to be good or pro in the game, some just casual gamers BUT willing to pay for pixels tanks.

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