WoT Console: World War II vehicles have been updated to use multiple weapon systems

The following vehicles will now be able to use their additional weapons during battle! Use these additional guns to take out softcover, track enemies, or engage lightly armored tanks to save your main weapons round to dealing damage. To access this weapon during battle, you will press and hold the indicated weapon swap button on the HUD.

In addition, we have added support to display a reticle for secondary weapons in Sniper View when they are the currently active weapon. These reticles will be offset to indicate where the rounds will go based on their position relative to the center of the turret. This will be seen when using these World War II vehicles as well as Cold War vehicles with multiple weapon systems.

  • T1 Heavy Tank
    • 37mm Gun M5
  • M6
    • 37mm Gun M5
  • Verzila KV-4 K + KV-4 K
    • 45mm 20K
  • Maus
    • 75 mm Kw.K 44 L/36
  • E-100
    • 7,5 cm Kw.K 37 L/24

T1 Heavy MWS
Verzila MWS
Maus MWS
E 100 MWS
NOTE: Improvements for the secondary reticle are still being worked on. The secondary reticle doesn’t always line up with where the round will go, and its accuracy will vary depending on the distance to the target. We are also working to have the pen chance indicator update based on the active gun. Currently, it reflects only the main gun’s penetration values.

7 thoughts on “WoT Console: World War II vehicles have been updated to use multiple weapon systems

  1. Wot pc gets fuck all except more Russian premiums 🤦🏻‍♂️
    No new maps, no new modes, no new equipment, no new crews, no new rng, no new matchmaker and because of this no new players!

  2. WoT PC “balance” is too fragile for this. anything that could potentially disrupts the goldspammery might have influence on WG’s income (at least that’s how they seem to be thinking). as long as WG’s current full-retard-strategy keeps working, nothing will change.
    degenerates gonna degenerate. 😛

  3. well, I can imagine that using the secondary gun would be a nice addition against lights. hit that EBR first with the 7,5 of E100 to slow it down and then slam that nice 15cm slug at it … 😉

    all in all, it sounds like a really great idea that would at minimum be worth being tested at ST on PC.

    plus I do not see so many game breaking things with such an addition.

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