E 25 and Object 274a OFFERS

E 25, UP TO 28% OFF

German Tier VII German Tank Destroyer

  • Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 25.14 %
  • Aiming Time: 1.50 s
  • DPM: 2,700 HP/min

Object 274a, UP TO 28% OFF

Tier VIII Soviet Medium Tank

  • Armor Penetration: 227 / 289 / 62 mm
  • Top Speed: 58 km/h
  • DPM: 2,133 HP/min

Available from April 15 at 07:00 CEST through April 22 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

17 thoughts on “E 25 and Object 274a OFFERS

  1. 274A is highly underrated. armor, dpm, decent mobility.
    Doesn’t aim that fast and hills aint best but overall its well worth the cents

    1. It’s not though.. People would be playing it otherwise. I can agree with the armour and dpm but the gun handling and mobility can’t be considered decent. And even the hp, why 1200…

      1. In current meta? Yes they are. E25 very situational, 274a even more so

        Wanna se MY stats, bot?


          What a meaningless statement. What does that even mean?
          That every tank has to have wheels and 300mm armor or otherwise you cant get a win?

          59 fights so far, though admittedly i am stuck grinding VZ+MIIIY atm…

          Use the tanks as intended and you win. Its simple as that.
          And I am an average player ruining stats with M44 daily missions.

          Can’t imagine how well a “pro meta player” like you do.
          … wait-shamelessunicorn, is that you, Quickybaby?!!

  2. Everyone had e25 now and with no preferential match maker anymore it’s shitty pew pew gun not going to damage t8s.
    With most games under 3 minutes now there’s no big damage opportunities.
    So no need to buy it.

    1. Another false statement.

      E25, IS6, SPershing etc… they all KEPT preferable MM.
      They thought of buffing and removing those but never went through
      Those tanks still enjoy their MM and even IF NOT….. which is not the case, E25 is still very small, agile and just as scout as the AMX-light tank line… and earns you money for doing next to nothing.

      Prem tanks are for MONEY MAKING
      You get 20k just for driving into the enemy and dying <1minute
      but it must apparently WIN 80%+ battles and earn your noob butt a wn8 of no less than OVER 9000!!!

      “Most games under 3 Minutes” ha. Not really and it still spots and its meant to shoot at the Tier6+7s or backs/sides of Tier8


      Go ahead. Just one!
      What a load of BULLSHIT people post here is incredible
      Bad players talking hearsay while stating false facts and complaining how bad they are (err) i mean how “the meta is pushing them around” or something like that…. ugh… makes me sick


      1. Hi go back to your empty wank NA server. Nobody cares about your out dated stats from a wiki that’s never updated.
        Why not do own research before calling people lies.

        1. @Balac0ra
          Stay in your basement. Where you belong. Nobody cares about you. Freak.

  3. WoT is turning into a paid shitshow,don’t fund those money launderers and lying sons of bitches oligarchs that grow fat on your money and invest 0 into the game.

  4. E 25 still good, though it needs some gold which is bad – premium tanks are supposed to make credits, not bleed them.

    Object 274a however is a WG scam, it barely makes 50 km/h on hard ground and becomes as sluggish as a heavy on soft ground. Gun handling and aim time are also those of a heavy tank, and then there’s the 1200 health which is one of the lowest for a Tier 8 medium, if not the lowest.

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