WoT Blitz: The Cosmic Object 752

After Console WoT the Obj. 752 is also available on Blitz.

It features strong armor, good dynamics, and a powerful two-shell gun with impressive single-shot damage. Also, it comes with the Stargazer camo that depicts a beautiful solar system.

The Object 752 is one of the smallest Tier IX heavy tanks. It’s especially noticeable in comparison with other heavy ‘drummers’ that take a great share of damage due to their high and poorly protected sides. Thanks to the low silhouette, this new tank can avoid such risks.

4 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: The Cosmic Object 752

  1. It’s an autoloader, that’s hilarious. And there’s idiots that continue playing this game, and even bigger idiots spending money on it.

  2. Premium ammo does less damage than standard in Blitz? Interesting.

    That aimtime though…

  3. I don’t think we need magic teens in WOT when we already have magical impenetrable rashist armour

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