Ranked Battles Rewards

Starting at 15:04 (CET), rewards for Season 3 of Ranked Battles 2021/2022 began to arrive.

• 130.11%+ efficiency needed to get into the Golden League.
• 91.62%+ efficiency to get into the Silver League.

5 thoughts on “Ranked Battles Rewards

    1. What effort? If you call 20 qualification battles with an avg of 4 mins each “effort” then yes, that was some effort indeed.
      After that 5 x2 battles per day and ez clap 150%+++
      I don’t see the reason why spending ~40mins a day in 5 days to get all of those rewards is not worth it.

  1. How can someone get 130% eff?
    So only the ranked unicorns get the unicorrn ranked tanks?
    Noit really fair i guess.

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