6 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass: Reinforcements Pack Change

  1. Normal. previously, players had the option to decide whether or not to purchase the pack based on their game progression in the battle pass.
    Now instead Wg tries to force the purchase.
    As usual unfair business practice.

    1. You got this the wrong way. I think what you think of is the battlepasss upgrade which opens the lower deck of the BP. This is another thing that is hgere for the first time AFAIK. This is just a “booster pack” for BP giving you like 200 battles worth of BP-points in 5 missions (~30-50 battles).

  2. This would’ve been useful for the fourth chapter of the battle pass that’s due in May, the one with the so far unknown Tier 8 premium as a reward. WG must’ve noticed and this is the result (or one could buy this and then abstain from the game until the fourth chapter goes live, but even then who knows wether WG will allow the points earned here to count for progression in the fourth chapter).

  3. you can`t use extra points or this add on extra chapter, and you need first to complete first 3 chapters

  4. WG needs money to relocate.
    The relocation does not change the the fact that it’s still a Russian company.

  5. It is a really great deal.
    1000 battle pass points.
    5 20k crew xp boosters per nation.
    1 850k crew XP booster, and 1 250k per crew crew xp booster.
    and 500 bonds no less.
    A 3 perk commander.

    For just 9 Euro, and ez set of missions.
    1 win, 2000 base xp, 10 kills, 10k dmg, and 20 games in top 10 win or lose. EZ PZ Lemon Squeezy.

    Great Deal, for people that spend very little money on WoT, this is a great choice.

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