Trading Caravan: Aftermath

The Kirovets-1 and ASTRON Rex offers are sold out! Do not waste 75.000 credits by refreshing the offer, instead I recommend using only the free rerolls every day. Do not buy the rental tanks, they are a waste of credits. Remember to switch the server if the trading caravan page is under maintenance!

24 thoughts on “Trading Caravan: Aftermath

  1. “First of all I would like to personally apologise for not being available on the forums yesterday to answer some of your concerns as I was also covering other platforms and reporting the issues that you encountered”

  2. Speaking from the NA server, I tried twice to throw credits at the problem but afterwards desisted (mostly wanted a shot at the Astron). An NA streamer I have a chat relationship with was willing to throw the dice a dozen times to get the Kirovets, but they’re a special case, since they have everything else and are looking for content.

    Said CC also thinks that this whole exercise is a crock of you know what.

  3. Wargaming owes me a Type 59. I bought one through the Caravan and got the receipt in-game. But i lost 5950 gold and didn’t got the Tank. I wrote a ticket and WG says i bought the Type and they willsend it to me soon.

    2 days have passed and no Type 59 on my garage.

  4. Actually wg would never do that
    Like with the su76L fail in tbe market
    They worked quickly to give all the tanks

    Breaking trust with PAYING customers is the least of their desires.

  5. With what logic are rental tanks a waste of money?
    If you are looking to buy a specific premium tank in the future anyway because you missed it in the past:
    You get to test the tank “for free”, before buying it with actual money. It might confirm your purchase intent, or you might save money because you realize its not fun to play for you.

    If you do not have a Tier 8 Premium yet, but lots of time during the next 7 days, you can farm way more than the money they ask for it.

    If i had no premium tanks and would get the Progetto for 2M, and play only 10 games a day for 7 days, those 2M initial cost would be back in my account with approx 28,4k credits earned. If on average i make 50k with that tank, i only need to play 5 battles each day to make 2M (i.e. 35 battles).
    Everyone who has a tier 8 premium tank knows that 2M can be farmed easily on one evening with clan booster running. So if you actually play that rental tank for a week, its literally impossible to not make credits from it.

    Those rental tanks are amazing to test, and to farm (if you do not have tier 8 premiums already).

  6. Why would you pay 15m credits for a premium tank. How many battles do you expect to play with this tank so it is worth the time and credits spent for this … and you have to include the reroll costs that might go quite a bit, if you are specifically looking for something.

    1. Why would you pay gold for a premium tank? Even after 1k battles on it youre never going to see your gold ever again.

      1. You pay real money (gold) to grind credits. This is the whole point of premium tanks.
        Unless the point is to collect the tank – then paying 15 million silver for a premium tank is just not cost beneficial. If the point is to collect – then people will pay 50k gold and more if they really want the tank – so the price is meaningless. I was commenting that paying 15 million credits in order to farm credits is just not worth it. If you do not need the credits then the price means nothing. If you have 100 million credits – you dont care if the tank will farm the credits back.

    2. Some players sit on hundreds of millions of Credits. If you regularly play this game for a couple of years, then you literally swim in credits. And if you think about it, there is not that much you can use them for either once you have bought all your desired techtree tanks. (or simply all of them). So why not use that “toy money” to buy a premium tank, and use the saved 30 bucks and order a pizza instead?
      If you are new to the game, and 15m sounds like really a lot to you, then these offers are just not aimed at you.
      The whole caravan, and those auction events before are aimed at long term players, with credits, gold, bonds and free exp in abundance and nothing left to spend it on.
      A game like WoT, that is based around grinding credits and exp, can only work if there is still the need to grind. If there is nothing left to grind, players get bored and quit eventually.

  7. Do buy the rentals for bourrasque and progetto. They’re epic fun to play tanks and you will make more than 2m credits in 7days probably

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