27 thoughts on “Update 1.16: K-2 – Changed Stats

    1. Still an acceptable improvement over the previous value.

      Now if they gave it +5 km/h forward (currently it does 30) that would be great.

      1. its a fucking shit tank that will get fuckt by arta
        what do you expect from wargaming’s products
        buy and after 1-2 days it will SUCK

        1. “tank is bad buff it”

          wg buffs bad tank and makes it good

          “tank is op nerf and remove”

          There is no happy medium with wot players, everything is garbage or everything is “stupid op reward premium.”

          It looks fine honestly, pretty much just a decent premium tank for the IS4 line.

          1. Dude, a premium tank is for making credits, do you think you will make credits with this? This is a tank made so that you will press 2 key and spam gold with it, just like borasque . I know that tanks should not be OP, but at least should have pen….

              1. Oh really ?! They why i don’t see standard ammo in my hit log, when i fight against against them? 😐

                1. I have no answer to that. I never shot a single gold round in my Bourrasque and never felt the need for them – if I died like a muppet, that was misplay on my part or the enemy being good, not because penetration was too low.

                  Then again, any reason these days is enough to load gold ammo, could be you were unlucky and had to deal with sweaty tryharders and WN8/moe farmers.

                  1. Maybe you are right in a way, about borasque not needing gold, and maybe is the today meta to blame for the gold spam. But i still would not buy borasque , because it has bad pen AND bad accuracy and aiming time. If a tank has bad pen, it should have at least good gun handling. As for k-2, ( and for any heavy tank, in general ) not having good penetration is really bad, because it can’t flank like a medium or a light tank….

                    1. Bad gun handling?
                      The aimtime is not so great, but you have awesome softstats(0,07 while moving/tank traverse/turret traverse). You don’t need a good aimtime because your guns aim circle is ALWAYS so small!

                  2. Why should i shot standard ammo? The gold ammo has more pen and better shell velocity! I only use standard ammo with Borrat if i play Frontline!
                    I pay credits to have a better game, you pay with frustration when your shots don’t penetrate! What is the smart way of playing???

                    1. So you bought a premium tank to spam gold, gg. And when you will have 15:3/2/1 games don’t ask “why”

                    2. I know borat has good dispersion during movement and turret rotation, but it also has bad accuracy and aiming time. And i’v seen lots of streamers missing lots of shots, and that made me to consider borat bad, and to NOT want this tank.

            1. Even if you fire only gold, as long as you hit and pen every shot, even with a standard account over a premium account you make money. It’s not about spamming premium ammo, it’s about actually doing well and not dying and bouncing tons of shots cause people wanna have 400 meter sniping duals with a hulldown defender or something.

              1. Yes, you will make some spare change. And after that you wander why you have 3 min games, with 15:3 score

      2. No, it is not. You will press 2 key with it, just like with borasque. A heavy should have minimum 220 pen

  1. The tank is a tier 8 that has near equal armour to an IS-4 Tier X heavy (only a few mms short in places) and the comments here are comically calling it decent or needing of a buff. Unlike the tornvagn, this has no weak plates, this tank may as well be the PZ II J of tier 8s, except the gun’s not as bad, it will just obliterate everything slowly but surely since nothing can hurt this thing. If you’re misguided enough to be going by it’s frontal plate face on (which is still stronger than most heavies turrets), learn how an IS-4 works and turn it track on and see the absolute wall of armour that resists tier X TDs. You could literally make this a tier 9 and it would still be strong af.

    1. Your imagination can only go on if this piece of stupidly toxic shit doesn’t have 30mm roof and those 2 small cupolas which can be easily exploited.
      Surely its armor is idiot-proof, but that doesn’t mean you can go ham on everything since experienced players will rape you before you can even do anything with that god damned trash of a gun.
      If it’s not enough then 1.6 ground resistance on medium will make you feel like a world of pain whenever you get open maps.
      All in all, an idiot-proof tank without excitements in gameplay, the only thing this trash offers is the ability to annoy everyone facing it.

      1. Always hilarious to hear the kids start spewing insults when they lack understanding. This thing’s roof and cupolas are smaller than the 279 (e)’s cupolas, to the extent the K-2 can even hide them completely. And you oh so comically call them “easily exploitable”, too damn funny.
        A paragraph of you not understanding what happened when the defender dominated tier 8 gameplay so hard everything had to be buffed to deal with it. Despite it’s bad gun, it’s armour just couldn’t be beat. Just like what will happen with the K-2.
        Oh no, 1.6 ground resist, which doesn’t change the fact it’ll still reach it’s top speed on medium terrain.
        Amusing talk 40%er.

        1. So ironic you take your nickname “Knowledge” and you don’t even know why and how weakspots like the K-2’s will get hit easily. I’m really curious what kind of average performance you have =))
          The Defender age is long gone. Now everything has better pen, better gun handling and better mobility. When a tank needs to stay still forever and ever to fully aim its shots, nothing is more vulnerable.
          You say the K-2’s roof & cupolas are smaller than 279e’s cupola but why do I see the whole top part of its turret is green asF left right & center? Its armor just couldn’t be beat? =))))))
          Talking about mobility, yes you can reach your 30 km/h top speed, it just takes a BIT of time =))))) when you need to turn, it will take a BIT of time too =))))))
          You defend this piece of stupidly toxic trash WG is gonna throw at us, I don’t know why and I don’t care.

  2. Tornvagn has arguably better armor and better gun in many situations where he hides lower plate. Does Tornvagn become the most OP tank in the game or is it even bellow par?

      1. It’s like comparing the T10 with the STI, one is significantly more mobile and faster with a better gun and one is a slow chunky boy who takes hits really well.

  3. Unfortunately, there is no hope that WG will remove the completely unfair tier limit and replace IS6 with K2 and rebalance the other tier limit tier 8 premium tanks. 196 mm pen is the shame of tier 8 among heavy tanks!

  4. This thing is going to be so obnoxious… reduce it’s depression to -3 and reduce the view range by 10-20

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