23 thoughts on “Under The Hammer: Type 59 G Auction

  1. Nice work, IDIOTS, I got mine last black market for 5k gold, that I never even payed for (free FL and other events)…. AHAHAHAHHAHAAAA

  2. This has to be the worst deal ever… I have the regular t59 and it’s definetly not worht this much. Maybe if you are a collectore, but otherwise I would skip it

  3. I begin to believe than WG is in financial trouble….
    25K Gold for this good money maker (I have the standard one, it is an OK tank, its positive is that it makes good credits per game) is a crazy amount.

    That was a quick action from WG trying to “make an extra buck” after Christmas Sales.
    Probably they did not gather enough money….

  4. So let me do some math here: 2000 tanks x 25000 Gold (minimum) = 50.000.000 Gold
    Gold price is 35,8 EUR per 10.000 right now so
    (50.000.000 / 10.0000) x 35,8 = 179.000
    this gives WG 179,000 EUR minimum from this sale….

    1. Ps also we will have to see if they all sell.
      If there is no competitive offer we can tell

      Many already got it and it’s not that big a novelty anyway
      Was shot by one yesterday lol

  5. Whoever says that got 59 G for 5000 gold should be banned, because of simple insult to the brain cells, as we all know that it went for 40k+ gold on auction.

    1. Jep, as above… be JELLY, IDIOT
      Dont blame us if you were so fucking retarded to pay 40k gold for it!!!

  6. I’ve had the original type 59 for years. It’s just okay in today’s meta. Not worth 25,000 or even 40,000 even for a gold shitty skin version

  7. Really bad deal. Just get the T-34-3 with bonds. Costs nothing for a decent tank. At least there would be less whales on the next Black Market lol.

  8. Bad deal but there are allways whales going for it. And that’s good as that pays for the little fish to keep playing this game for free. Better they sell the Type 59 this way than a game breaking op vehicle like the E-25…..

  9. Its official; my precious AMBT isn’t the worst deal, by far^^

    btw AMBT is fun i think. works just fine! and the bulletspeed is ammaazzinnggg
    Aimtime is a bit high though

  10. This community is pathetic. Why are you all so damn toxic? Chill out. What people do with their money is up to them. Most of us can agree WG are bastards and need to stop being greedy but stop being so toxic to each other. It’s incredibly disappointing.

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