42 thoughts on “WoT Black Market Day 8: Access Key

      1. Thanks, I just saw the updates – wasn’t able to take a look at it from work πŸ™‚

        1. Small advice … if you want the PzIV Hydro out of the vehicle pool, you can buy it for 3000 Bonds before you start rolling

  1. even if it seems interesting i wont give money to WG ive never spent a cent and i wont ever do it. nice Try WG

    1. ??? I’m F2P too and i have the gold by playing tournaments, like wtf dude, you dont need to pay a single cent… btw i won the tl-1cp, the e50m cammo and the the afkpanzer for credits and 400 gold… small price for 2 prem tanks and a unique style (750 gold it cost).

      1. Style will not keep shells from hurting u and if u save like me, u can get any tank u want with credits if u want it bad enough got T-22 in my garage. Only $43 mil and I still have 25 mil left. I quit using gold years ago. I bought only 5 small crates @ xmas and that was enough. Wish WG would have made this last sale easier on its customers.

        1. t-22 is a cheater/rigger tank, don’t be a rigger.

  2. I paid 5~6M credits to see all the 5 random offers i could got, my RNG was: T34B, amx 13 57, sexton 1, pz4/5 and ebr 75 fl 10, soo i just got a awesome EBR for 5k gold and 5M credits, i would say not bad at all, glady i could get something competitive finally!

  3. First try was pz II J and second i got IS6 B and somehow idk what happened but i recieved IS6B πŸ™ fck me

  4. The first 4 tanks were Black or GF versions of tanks I already have, the last one Pz II J which I took. Wargaming has a talent to give everything a shitty taste.

  5. and this is how tier 10 tanks become available for gold

    the full collapse is very close..

  6. chrysler K GF , Pz V/IV , Pz IV Hydro , amx 13 57 , BT-SV
    and dunno what to pick πŸ™‚

    1. Pz V/IV I’d recommend. it’s a bit on the OP side and (so far) quite rare.

  7. PASS on this. :coin: WG gets no cash from me..

    Death star was only tank i see and its not worth $25 for a Stupid key even though i have 25mill in silver..

    i did good already and got the T-22 for only 43 mill. i can get the FV215 B in Bond shop anytime i want, even though its not the “Death Star”. Its still a really good tank.

  8. Such a tough choice

    3 of the tonks were Pz2J, SU76I, and Pz5/4

    Took the armour beast ofc. Very hard decision though πŸ™

  9. Jeez I got all the worst 5 pieces of crap possible…
    My best choice to pick was the T34B…
    Well, that was a gamble, and I was unlucky, so be it.
    Let’s hope this pile of kakoo will be buff this year.

    1. Same. I got 5 crap choices. When T34B is the best of the bunch….how disappointing.

  10. Nice, a new lootbox system from wg. they need once more money money money? and the users are like sheeps, they spend every silver and gold and dollars, because its black market! yeah!

    1. they will not get a cent from me :D, if they could make you choose for sure one tank, it might be worth it, but paying 5k gold for a lottery is a big nope

  11. got 2x Type 59G (one account with a lot of tanks; another with virtually zero of the offered tanks).. Im happy πŸ™‚

  12. Crap shit… 3 tier V and 2 tier 8: IS6-B and Mutz58… both tanks in Bond shop for 8k bonds


  13. a bit disappointed in this last offer because its unaviable for f2p players. was also hoping that the is3a would be for credits but it didnt show up feelsbadman

    1. same here, no good tier 8 premium for credits, all for gold, got nothing as free player this BM

      1. why would a f2p player be entitled to anything, the game doesn’t finance itself out of thin air
        apart from that you completely ignore that there were 2 tier 8 and 2 tier 7 premium tanks to grab for credits, and apart from the AFK panther they all could be get at a more or less reasonable price
        are you seriously complaining that they didnt sell progettos and renegades for a few credits?

        1. ur attitude toward f2p players is disgusting. do u understand that without f2p players u would sit with ur wallet in a 5 min queue? and what r u going to do then, buy shorter queue time? u think that u r only important cuz u pay but in reality f2p players r just as important since they provide players for the game.
          and yes, im complaining that they didnt sell for example is3a or progetto for credits. if paying players want to get rid of their gold why bother with bm when there already is ingame shop? bm should give a chance for f2p players to get some of the content behind the paywall.

    1. Chrysler is for the occasional fun round as top tier and you also need a fair amount of gold rounds. Black Bulldog is a nice tank, but not as meta as it used to be and no active scout. The HE with its high pen though can be effective.

    1. Played on xmas event. Now i think about uninstalling to make space for more movies/anime for a while. Also playing when there are easy marathons. my EU acc has the same name: Sebastianul.

  14. Was this the only key or will be more?
    Is black market over with this last offer?

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