TL-1 LPC, IS-3A, Cromwell B Available on EU

TL-1 LPC – Standard (35€)

Bundle content

  • Tier VIII Premium American TL-1 LPC medium tank
  • 1 Pretty Fly 3D style
  • 100% trained The Offspring crew with the Band of Brothers perk and enough XP for one 100% trained skill/perk
  • Garage slot
  • Unique crew voiceover
  • Unique soundtrack
  • Unique medal

IS-3A – Standard (38€)

Bundle content

  • VIII IS-3A Bonus 100% Crew + 1 Garage Slot

Cromwell B – Collector’s Gem (19€)

Bundle content

  • VI Cromwell B 1 + Garage slot
  • Bonus 100% crew with the Brothers in Arms perk trained to 100%
  • 1,000 Gold
  • 10×Large Repair Kit
  • 10×Large First Aid Kit
  • 10×Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • 10×Missions for x5 XP for the Cromwell B

One thought on “TL-1 LPC, IS-3A, Cromwell B Available on EU

  1. 3A is stronk but sloooww
    CB is fast n cute

    and TL looks darn sexy 😀
    I am so tempted to get it just for the looks but i am not really into muricans.
    its stats are nice. its well rounde but the tall figure and even taller hatch…. grrrrr

    nah i got too many as it is

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