Black Market 2022 – Grim News

Update: The links for ASIA and EU are still available, we can still expect a Black Market this year.

We have bad news for you: our colleagues at Wotclue noticed that absolutely all information mentioning this event was deleted from the WG Support website. Even the direct links were taken down.

The conclusion is obvious – there will be no more Black Market in World of Tanks. Now, maybe we can expect similar auctions? This is an open question, the answer is yet unknown.

43 thoughts on “Black Market 2022 – Grim News

      1. Are you stupid or stupid?
        BM at least had tanks for credits (turtle,tl1pc,t22,foch155,etc),and credits is way easier to grind than free xp.
        Now the only way to get a tank in the new auction is to open your wallet and buy gold/buy gold and convert it to free xp for the free xp tanks.

        1. Servers and devs have to be paid my friend. So it’s good that BM is finally gone cause I would like to play WOT in next year as well.

          1. You say it like BM didnt make a ton of money for WG, not like everyone has millions of credits lying around so they will either have to use gold to exchange (just like how some will use gold to exchange to free exp for the auction) or basically buy tons of bundles.

          2. I agree, they are a business and their goal is to make money, but what did you get? Did the quality of game improved? Did they fixed the textures? They promised the gold ammo rebalance , did they do it?

            1. From the tone of his comments he’s either trolling or he’s one of those “I’m fine with it and if all of you are not idgaf” kind of guys, not sure what’s worse.

              WG’s “promises” are worthless, they can say whatever they want and until there are results that prove they stayed true to their word, it’ll just be stock corporate speak. Gold ammo will never go away (in fact, from the days they “promised” a rework the spamming only worsened), and balance issues (map balance, tank balance) will also never go away.

              Also, think about the whole “we only play if you give us OP tanks” mentality of top clanwar players (the ones that keep sponsored tourneys alive), isn’t it the same as the shitty “play-to-earn” model they want to push into gaming in the upcoming years?

              1. Who knows, maybe one day they will rebalance the gold ammo, just like they did with arty. Now arty doesn’t have gold ammo and all types of ammo cost almost the same . I still hope for a change, i’m tired of turbo battles and i’m tired to be gold spammed by tier 10s, even if i’m in a tier 8.

  1. Looks like too many people could afford stuff for credits last year, and that’s a big no no for the trolls in Minsk who are only after $$$

    We can probably expect auctions like the one we just had to replace Black Market, so start saving up on gold and free exp if you want anything out of them.

    1. Tbh the concept of these auctions is far better than BM in my opinion… unlike the direct offers which sell out in like 0.03 seconds, and the more limited BM auctions, this is atleast on a timescale, more Fair…..

        1. indeed, atleast with the last BM you had auctions in the morning, which made it somehow a bit better, but the instant sellout offers at afternoon where causing a lotta stress

    2. Handing out more stuff for free would’ve ruined WG, so it’s good that bm is gone. Let’s drink on it, cheers!

  2. It’s not a bad think.
    Handing out Pz v/iv ruined lower tier games and gifting T8 premiums for free made those upset who paid hard money for them.
    Everything that was rare or exclusive has been sold already, so goodbye black market. We won’t miss you!

      1. Bruh, do you think a multi-million dollar company needs more money? I will NEVER pay those s**theads money.

      2. I have a job but I wouldn’t pay for it even if I would be a billionaire. F2P player as a matter of principle.

  3. Incredibly stupid ass-wipe event imo

    By the time 90% of us that work for a living, get home in the evening then open up WOT to see what the so called Black Market has for us, maybe ~ its nothing!!
    Was sold out in minutes! or if your lucky 20 mins! of start of auction

    so only unemployed – School Kids, OAP,s and no-life Geeks who think online games are Actual real life Vital important so get online in WOT in time for the BM at 6pm ~ then by 6.05pm its finished sold out!

    asshole event pleased its fucked off ………….. rant over

  4. Faggots complaining about not being able to get OP tanks for few credits.
    Stop blaming WG for giving players what they ask for. Look in the mirror. You are the reason why this game is now shit.

  5. Uh, Ah, Oh – a sub page of the game rules gone on the RU server and this leads to “No black market this year.” Thats kind of amazing and obviously the WG community just picks it up and spread this like the one and only truth.

  6. The su76L fail wasn’t fun…
    And overall the HURRY GRAB IT mentality sucks.
    I won’t miss it.

    Auctions might be harder to win
    But at least you got time to decide if it’s worth it and you won’t get screwed for not being on during those 60seconds windows

    They are superior.
    Just their name is not as cool but who gives a damn as long as we get a fair shot

  7. new auction system is great..unless you are in asia server and bound by the laws of a country you don’t live in, are not a citizen of, or have never even visited.

    Asia only uses ONE form of in game currency in the auctions, and that’s free xp, so even if you have a huge stockpile of several xmases worth of gold, it’s useless unless you have grinded the xp to spend the gold converting for the auctions.

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