WoT: Star Trek Collaboration of the “Call to Mars” Event

The Call of Mars 2024 event will feature a collaboration with the fairly popular Star Trek franchise. In the picture you can see the characters:
• Nyota Uhura
• James T. Kirk
• Spock

They are now the most popular characters in the franchise after the release of 3 full-length films. And it is with the universe of feature films that this collaboration will be connected.

The voices of Star Trek crew members can be heard in the YouTube teaser.

You can also see that the model of the Mars Rover has been slightly changed and it has more streamlined shapes.

And also a tank in this style…

18 thoughts on “WoT: Star Trek Collaboration of the “Call to Mars” Event

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    1. All those devs have been moved to new still born projects like CW, and WT is left with Lootbox/BP Collab artists. WOT development is basically finished. Its already in maximum money squeeze with least effort maintenance mode.

  2. Also, now with the characters from the 3 LEAST popular movies of the franchise!!! Aren’t we great! Next year then with all the characters of the franchise KILLER “STD”

  3. I remember watching some Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, can’t say I know much of the reboot series (saw the first reboot movie many years ago and that’s it).

    Whatever, I’m in this game for the tanks so these collabs mean little to me.

    1. Who cares about this UFO and spook shit?!
      All anyone asks for is new maps and new modes. Instead we get this gay shit?!

      1. Any new mode will be a time limited event mode like Frontline (which should never been bought back)

      2. This “UFO and spook shit” makes WG money, unlike new maps and game modes which would only please the gamers and not WG themselves.

        You use a former forum moderator’s username and you don’t know?

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