WoT Tank Auction – Updated list of tanks

1st: tier 10, Object 268 version 5
2nd: tier 10, 113 Beijing Opera / WT 12 (exclusive only for the Chinese server). In fact , the WT 12 is a clone of the Waffentrager auf E 100 (P) Mod, only with a new non-removable camouflage.
3th, tier 8, AMBT
4th: tier 8, Type 59 G
5th: tier 10, WZ-111 Qilin / ?? Another tank ??

13 thoughts on “WoT Tank Auction – Updated list of tanks

  1. You should have posted it together with the tank changes that come with mini patch tomorrow. the Obj268v5 got nerfed, the 113 Bejin Opera is going to be added to the game files and AMBT will be buffed compared to what is in the game files right now, but it will still be weaker than the first super test iteration.

  2. I’d like the AMBT… overall a weaker version of the progetto but a bit more alpha+armor. Noic

    The WT might be interesting too buuuut 55s reload are ough.
    Add to this the fact of insane bounces and you know you wont do much for most of the game.

    60 shots/5 per clip = 12 reloads. not that you have more time per game anyway

  3. ps were any of those on auction before?
    The regular WT was, not?

    59G i know was. i could have gotten it but why play a weaker version of regular 59 :p
    59G < everyone wants to kill that one ^^

  4. So yeah guys, let’s just laterally throw every tank that exists or from the superset in the mix and call it a day…

    1. Wrong wte100, that’s a special one you’re thinking of, this is the OG wte100 from years ago but with the stats changed so the tank is not able to clip a maus and half a med and then spend almost a full minute reloading.

  5. This is effing ebola.

    AMBT brand new tank sold through a cashgrab event AGAIN (the same was done with the T77 and Astron Rex), and also yet another autoloader clicker because until every tank in a match is an autoloader WG won’t be happy.

    Also Object 268 V5, could’ve been a bond shop tank but no, let’s scam as many people as we can first.

    World of Tanks is worse than a telemarketing seller by now.

  6. Oh it will be funny to see you NOLIFE RETARDS pay your ASS off to get some of these. WG playerbase, THE MOST RETARDED collection of IDIOTS on the internet, just throw more money at WG

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