WoT: The Second Ranked Battles 2021–2022 Season Starts

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Get ready to open a new chapter in your journey through one of the most competitive modes in World of Tanks, Commanders!

The second Season of Ranked Battles will kick off on January 10. As before, there will be 14 days of intense Tier X battles and a host of rewards for good performance in combat. Read up on all the latest changes for the upcoming Season!

Season Dates

January 10, 2022, at 10:00 CET (UTC+1) through January 24, 2022, at 10:00 CET (UTC+1)

Prime Times

Weekdays: 14:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1) (EU 1 server)
Weekends: 10:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1) (EU 1 server)

Join the Race for the 114 SP2!

Let’s start off with the most tantalizing topic: the ultimate reward for all three Seasons of Ranked Battles 2021–2022!

This Season is your last chance to join the race for the 114 SP2, a new Tier X Chinese tank destroyer. It is equipped with a fully rotating turret mounted to the center of the hull, just like classic tanks. The 114 SP2 also features excellent dynamics and a sharp-shooting 152 mm gun with good depression/elevation angles (–7°/+20°). High accuracy and a short aiming time allow you to effectively hit opponents from a long distance. Watch this how-to-play video on how to make the most of the 114 SP2’s strengths.

If you didn’t participate in Season 1, now is the perfect time to join intense Tier X battles. Climb up the rank ladder and earn all five Rank Tokens available in Season 2 to receive a better Annual Reward (featuring this steel predator)!

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.

Ranked Battles: What’s New?

Now back to Season changes. Firstly, we’ve redistributed the rewards (directives and credits) you will earn in the Qualification. Now you will progressively receive more prizes as you play more battles!

Battles Played 3 6 10 13 16 20

3 Fuel Filter Replacements

3 Exhaust Insulations

3 Polished Lenses

3 Fuel Filter Replacements

3 Exhaust Insulations

3 Polished Lenses

200,000 credits

3 Fuel Filter Replacements

3 Exhaust Insulations

3 Polished Lenses

3 Fuel Filter Replacements

3 Exhaust Insulations

3 Polished Lenses

300,000 credits

1 Rank Token

Secondly, we added a special default filter to the mode’s vehicle carousel. Use it to quickly find all Tier X tanks eligible for fighting in Ranked Battles: 

The Brand-New Garmr 3D Style for the Kampfpanzer 50 t

Last but not least, we’ve also updated the list of exclusive Ranked Battles items available for bonds and added the brand-new Garmr 3D style for the Kampfpanzer 50 t. You’ll be able to redeem this amazing custom look when you reach the Second Division. This style looks as if it is composed of many granite shards, from under which bright flames shine through. It turns the Kampfpanzer 50 t into an even more formidable vehicle, as if rolled out of the mouth of a fire-breathing volcano.

Together with other unique items, this incredible 3D style will be available for 5,000 bonds. Remember: You can get them with your personal cumulative discount, and its amount will depend on your progress during the Season.

NEW! The exclusive Garmr 3D style for the Kampfpanzer 50 t  5,000 
Concept 1B  20,000 
Kampfpanzer 50 t  20,000 
Charlemagne  15,000 
Škoda T 45  12,500 
The exclusive Aquilifer 3D style for the Progetto M40 mod. 65  10,000 
The exclusive Blunt-Nosed Viper 3D style for the T-100 LT  10,000 

Items for Bonds

We’ve also updated the list of items available for bonds in the in-game Store. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on the great vehicles and cool 2D styles below!

T-34-3   8,000 
leKpz M 41 90 mm GF  8,000 
Strv 81  8,000 
Tiger 131  5,000 
2D Styles
Rat Rod  450 
Moon Viewing  450 
Songkran  450 
Boxing Kangaroo  450 

Season 2: Brief Overview and Progression System

This Season, the core Ranked Battles mechanics remain unchanged, but let’s go over them again, just in case.

  • Battles take place in the 10v10 format in Tier X vehicles.
  • No more than one SPG and two light tanks per team will be allowed in battles.
  • To move from one rank to another to qualify for Leagues, you need to earn 94 chevrons.
  • Division III
  • Division II
  • Division I

Permanent rank

Permanent rank

Permanent rank

Since Battle Pass is not currently available, you won’t be able to earn Battle Pass Progression Points when fighting in Ranked Battles.

As soon as you qualify for a League, you’ll be able to complete special daily missions. There will be three missions in total, and each one can be completed in vehicles of four different roles. This means that missions for 12 different vehicle roles will be available. These missions will reward you with bonds and Daily Bonus Battles.

Hail of Fire

Cause at least 3,000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles in a battle playing in a vehicle that belongs to one of the following roles: Support Heavy Tank, Sniper Medium Tank, Sniper Tank Destroyer, Support Tank Destroyer.

Place on Awards Stand

End up among the top 3 players on your team by XP earned playing in a vehicle that belongs to one of the following roles: Assault Heavy Tank, Breakthrough Heavy Tank, Assault Medium Tank, Assault Tank Destroyer.

Master of Their Trade

Earn at least 150 points of Role Experience in a battle playing in a vehicle that belongs to one of the following roles: Versatile Heavy Tank, Versatile Medium Tank, Support Medium Tank, Versatile Tank Destroyer.


Tons of Rewards Await!

As always, you have a chance to get your hands on tons of valuable rewards for good performance in battle. Storm onto the battlefield and push for victory in your favorite Tier X vehicles to earn the following:

  • Bonds
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Spectacular 2D styles
  • Gold
  • Directives
  • Additional rewards
  • Qualification

500,000 Credits

Fuel Filter Replacement

Exhaust Insulation

Polished Lens


Season rewards also include a 2D style for Tier X vehicles (one for each League) that is exclusive to Ranked Battles. To retain this honorable style, you will need to participate in future Seasons. Plus, you will receive an exclusive badge for each League that you can apply as a mark of glory and mastery.


Take One Step Closer to Your Annual Reward!

At the end of your challenging journey in Ranked Battles, you’ll be able to redeem your Annual Reward. It will depend on the number of Rank Tokens you earn over all three Seasons. The more Rank Tokens you collect, the better the Annual Reward you receive. This year, among other prizes, you’ll have the opportunity to grab up to three pieces of improved equipment of your choice from all equipment of this category, depending on your Annual Reward level.

Each item of equipment is available for selection only once.
9 tokens
Reward contents

114 SP2

Gear up for Season 2 and meet your worthy Tier X opponents, Commanders!

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