Supertest: Abruzzo Map

We have another new map heading to Supertest!Abruzzo Map

Battle mode: Standard Battle
Size: 1,100×1,100 m
Location: Italy
Setting: Summer

  1. Main zone of medium tank encounter. Capturing it allows for taking control of the large part of the map.

  1. The zone of initial spotting. Allows for scouting the enemy initial routes at the start of the battle, and also controlling the central area of the map.

A foothold and a lookout for medium tanks at the centre of the map. It’s not safe, but provides many opportunities to control the map.
4. Main place of heavy vehicle encounters. There are many defensive positions, with some opportunities to control enemy advance to the rear.
5. Positions for distant fire. Well suited for weakly-armoured vehicles

[Супертест] Карта "Абруццо"  | [Supertest] "Abruzzo" map[Супертест] Карта “Абруццо” | [Supertest] “Abruzzo” map

5 thoughts on “Supertest: Abruzzo Map

  1. Instead of Wargame controlling by design where each and every Class of Tank goes to fight on every single Map, go here HT, go here MT go here TD go here you stupid dumb player and here you other dumb players ((we know best we are Gods its our Game

    How About just design then make Test and Test a few Times … then release into Game Client AS IT IS just as in real life Landscapes

    And then Let the Players whom are not as Stupid as WG thinks ~ go where they like, Learn new places they like to play … you know STOP fucking controlling players with shit Maps over and over

    The first 4 years the Maps were 100% better to play it was left to the players to enjoy explore (ok the Games could be 10mins long quite often, sometimes 15mind and a Draw

    Way WAY better than the 4min pathetic Turbo Battles we now get with ‘newer Improved Maps with few Hills, Big City 50% Maps, and vastly reduced Trees and cover ((but great for €€€/ Gold €€€

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