5 thoughts on “Large Holiday Ops Boxes Available on EU, ASIA

  1. Past years you got 1-2 per 25 crates…
    now you MUST buy 40 for 1 tier 8

    Thats 280€ for all 5…
    Good luck with that!

  2. bought 33 boxes…..got TORNVAGN,Skoda T 56,Matilda LVT,Pz 35R,Pz M15,KV-1Sh,23 days of premium,3D styles for Obj 268v4 and WZ 111 A5,11250 gold(bought 50TP prot from advent calendar),1.5 M credits…..for roughly 63 euro

  3. Its good that you are sharing news and stuff here, but STOP advertising WG money milking things like these gambling scamboxes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. what is scam about them?you get the value of what you paid for plus a chance to get more… it is GAMBLING-no matter how they call it……but if someone cant see past it or cant help themselfs not to buy them-they have bigger problems in life than this……SO WHERE IS THE SCAM?

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