Holiday Ops 2022: Event Guide

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Holiday Ops 2022

December 9, 2021 at 07:00 CET through January 10, 2022 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1)

Knock-knock, Commanders! Come with me… if you want to celebrate! If you have been waiting this whole year for an action hero, your wait is over!

The amazing season of miracles is around the corner, and I thought, why not spend it with you? It’s time for the long-awaited Holiday Ops—with a magical atmosphere, festive bonuses, special combat missions from me, and tons of other wonderful surprises. Follow me to get your share of joy, holiday spirit, and wonderful rewards! Alright, team—let’s kick some ice!

Event Summary

  • Holiday Ops 2022 kicks off on December 9, 2021, at 07:00 CET and runs until January 10, 2022, at 07:00 CET (UTC+1).
  • Complete Missions From Arnie to earn Small Boxes and additional rewards, including an exclusive 2D style and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a custom commander.
  • You can also get Small Boxes by completing the standard daily and Advent Calendar missions, as well as receive them in parcels from your friends through the Holiday Post.
  • In the previous Holiday Ops events, decorations had levels from I to V. This year, all decorations in the event have no level and are of equal value. They’re all magnificent and feature their own beautiful story. Let’s call them Standard Decorations.

  • Small Boxes contain Shards instead of decorations, so you can craft yourself the decorations you want and for the slots you need with the Large Holidron Decorider. Put up your decorations and fill your Garage with fairy lights and magic!
  • Earn Holiday Stamps for completing missions to send surprise parcels containing Small Boxes to your friends through the Holiday Post. You can send each of your friends one parcel with one Small Box once a day.
  • By sending Small Boxes to your friends, you get Friendship Tokens, which help you receive special customization rewards.
  • Every day, one new Mission From Arnie will be available for you to complete in Random Battles (including Grand Battles) in Tier IV vehicles and higher. There are 32 missions in total, and you’ll receive Small Boxes and Holiday Stamps for completing each of them. Upon completing a certain number of missions, you will receive rewards, including a unique medal, cool inscriptions, a decal, a spectacular 2D style, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a tank commander, and more.
  • In addition to the Standard Decorations, outfit your Garage with four Large Decorations. Each Large Decoration will help you earn 2.5% more credits in Random Battles.
  • Craft decorations in the Decorider and place them in their respective slots on the decorative objects—Christmas Tree, Fair, Installation, and Large Decorations—to earn Festive Atmosphere Points and improve your Festive Atmosphere Level.
  • All the decorations you obtain are arranged into four thematic Collection Albums. Assembling a full Collection Album nets you an exclusive 2D style and a unique decal.
  • Building Collections and increasing the Festive Atmosphere gives you a Random Battle bonus to credits of up to 40%. Each Large Decoration gives you a bonus 2.5% to credits earned.
  • Once you reach Festive Atmosphere Level X, you will be able to complete the Collections from previous years’ Holiday Ops events (2018–2021).
  • This year, the Holiday Ops vehicles branch will consist of three slots. You will get two of them upon improving your Festive Atmosphere Level, after reaching Levels V and X. You will unlock the special third “Arnie’s slot” when you complete five Missions From Arnie. But, most importantly, now all slots work the same, and you can select any of the bonuses available: +50% to Combat XP, +100% to Crew XP, or +200% to Free XP.
  • Holiday Ops vehicles will continue to enjoy their slot bonuses from January 10 at 07:00 CET until January 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). Plus, they will receive the highest bonus to credits you achieved during the event.

Discover Your Festive Garage!

The day the event kicks off on December 9, your Garage will turn into a snowy Square full of magic, all dressed up in fairy lights and garlands. You’ll instantly find here a festive gift: the brand-new T3 Convertible, a Tier III Premium American vehicle. This is a variant of the famous Christie tank, which was used in the development of the Soviet T-34 and other vehicles. It’s a fast and maneuverable medium with a menacing gun, and it comes with a 100% trained crew and a Garage slot.

You will also find several interactive objects in your Garage, including a special celebrity area where you can receive combat Missions From Arnie and track your progress in completing them. And, of course, there will be four magnificent decorative areas: the Christmas Tree, Fair, Installation, and Large Decorations. Show off your talents and decorate them to create a magical atmosphere!

Decorations: They Have No Level!

You can outfit your Garage with amazing decorations. This year, decorations have no level and are of equal value—let’s call them Standard. No more useless decorations! Each of the decorations has its own beautiful story, and each one is fancy and charming.

Among the decorations there will be several very special ones, closely related to our incredible guest. For example, “Monorail” will remind you of the legendary action film (can you guess which one?) starring Arnie, and his “Mr. Olympia” Sculpture will remind you that nothing is impossible for a person who has the desire, motivation, and will to win.

Small Boxes

As before, you will receive Small Boxes as a reward for completing:

  • Daily missions: 1–4 boxes
  • Special Missions From Arnie (read below for details): 3 boxes
  • Advent Calendar Missions: 1 box (and 3 boxes for the final mission)

You can also get parcels with Small Boxes from your friends through the Holiday Post, a festive system of giving and receiving presents within the game client (read below for details).

This year, Small Boxes contain Shards instead of decorations. You can use Shards to craft both Standard and Large Decorations you want and for the slots that interest you most with the Large Holidron Decorider.

In addition to Shards, all Small Boxes will include useful in-game items (credits, consumables, directives, etc.). If you’re lucky enough, you may even find decorations inside these boxes.

Holiday Post

But that’s not all! Thanks to the Holiday Post, you and your friends can now help each other assemble Collections and improve your Festive Atmosphere by sending each other gifts of Small Boxes—parcels. You can find the Holiday Post here:

Earn Holiday Stamps for completing missions to send parcels to your friends. You can send each of your friends one parcel with a Small Box once a day. To do this, you need one Holiday Stamp, a special event currency.

You can earn Holiday Stamps in the following ways:

  • For completing Missions From Arnie (3 Holiday Stamps for each completed mission)
  • Upon reaching certain Festive Atmosphere Levels
  • For completing standard daily missions
Level I N/A
Level II 2
Level III 3
Bonus 4
You can only send parcels to players who are on your friends list. If it’s empty, now is the perfect time to help your clanmates or find friends in battle when playing in dynamic Platoons.

By sending parcels to your friends, your thanks will be some nice customization items. Send 10 parcels per day to earn one Friendship Token. Treat your friends to presents and collect Friendship Tokens to receive:

  • a cool inscription (×6, 4 Friendship Tokens required)
  • a spectacular decal (×6, 8 Friendship Tokens required)
  • an amazing 2D style (×1, 12 Friendship Tokens required)
You will unlock these rewards sequentially as you collect the required number of Friendship Tokens for each customization item. You can only obtain one Friendship Token per day. Your progress in accumulating sent parcels is reset the next day.

Missions From Arnie: Terminate ’Em All!

Arnie usually works alone and never minces his words. But now that you are part of his team, let our incredible guest of honor brief you on the surprises he has prepared!

For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. And if someone says, “You can’t make it!”, never give up!

You have to see yourself winning before you win. And I can easily see you completing my challenge, so take on these missions and prove that you can become real heroes, too!

Every day, one new mission will be available for you to complete in Random Battles (including Grand Battles) in Tier IV vehicles and higher. All missions are cumulative and can be performed at the same time. If you skip several missions, you can complete them all in one go.

There are 32 missions from me in total, and you’ll receive Small Boxes and Holiday Stamps for completing each of them. Upon completing a certain number of missions, you will receive rewards, including a unique medal, cool inscriptions, a stunning decal, and other great stuff. In addition, completing missions from me will grant you credit discounts on researchable tanks.

You’ll unlock these discounts gradually as you complete missions. The first discount on purchasing Tier II vehicles will become available after completing two missions. As you progress, the tier of vehicles covered by the discount will also increase. To earn a discount on purchasing researchable Tier X vehicles, you need to complete all 32 tasks of the challenge.

Rewards for Completing Mission 2

x 3

Small Boxes

x 3

Holiday Stamps

II –100%
Discount on purchasing Tier II researchable vehicles

Total Rewards for Completed Missions

x 6

Small Boxes

x 6

Holiday Stamps

II –100%
Discount on purchasing Tier II researchable vehicles

Think a particular mission is too challenging for you? NO PROBLEMO! Use 1,000 Shards to simplify it for easier conditions and receive rewards more quickly. This option is available once per mission.

Once you have completed 23 missions, you’ll get my exclusive 2D style that features special Marks of Excellence that will replace the default marks on the vehicle’s gun. Take a look.

I promised to be back, and I kept my word! Once you have completed 27 missions, you’ll be able to recruit me in the Barracks. I will become the commander of one of your vehicles, and I hope it will be your best and favorite of all the ones you have in your Garage!

I come with three skills—Sixth Sense, Repairs, and Brothers in Arms as a zero perk—plus enough experience to learn a fourth skill of your choice, so someone’s gonna have bi-i-ig problems on the battlefield. And it won’t be me or you! And yeah, no matter what happens in battle, keep cool—my voice will always cheer you up!

Have you been waiting for a real hero? A real hero has arrived.
Play track

Large Decorations

Apart from the Standard Decorations, you can outfit your Garage with Large Decorations that will make it even merrier. There are four Large Decorations in the event, and all of them provide a 2.5% bonus to credits when fighting in Random Battles. You can either get Large Decorations in Small Boxes (if you’re lucky) or craft them in the Decorider. Check it out.

Large Decoration Shards
First Large Decoration
(if no Large Decorations are owned)
Second Large Decoration
(if you already own 1 Large Decoration)
Third Large Decoration
(if you already own 2 Large Decorations)
Fourth Large Decoration
(if you already own 3 Large Decorations)
Once you have all 4 Large Decorations, their crafting is blocked. You can’t duplicate Large Decorations in the Decorider.

Boost Your Festive Atmosphere!

There are 10 levels of Festive Atmosphere, which define your progress in the event and provide you with rewards. At the start of Holiday Ops 2022, you’ll have Festive Atmosphere Level I.

Since all Standard Decorations are of the same level this year, you need to earn special Points to level up the Festive Atmosphere. You can get these points in two ways:

  • By obtaining new decorations for your Collections (you receive 2 Points for each new Decoration)
  • By installing decorations in slots (check out the infographics below)
Decoration Frozen Slot
(No decorations have been placed in it yet)
Unfrozen Slot
(A decoration has already been placed in it)
Standard Decoration
(first installation)
3 Points 1 Point *
Standard Decoration
(subsequent installations)
Large Decoration
(first installation)
5 Points N/A
Large Decoration
(subsequent installations)
Duplicate Standard Decorations will earn you one additional Point, according to the rules above.
Interactive image. Hover your cursor over the highlighted areas to see how many Festive Atmosphere Points can be received for placing decorations in their slots.
  • Standard Decorations
  • Large Decorations

Here is the number of Festive Atmosphere Points required to reach each Festive Atmosphere Level:

NUMBER OF POINTS 0 20 40 70 100 150 200 270 350 450
  • If you fill all slots with decorations, you will get 54 Points.
  • If you place all Large Decorations in their respective slots, you will receive 20 Points.
  • If you collect all 70 Standard Decorations for one Collection, you will earn 140 Points.
  • And if you complete all the Collection Albums of the event, you will get 568 Points.

By increasing your Festive Atmosphere and reaching each new level, you will earn a host of in-game items: Personal Reserves, a bunch of national and universal fragments, Antiduplicator Charges, and more. You will also be able to recruit four unique female crew members. Check out the complete list of rewards in the widget below:

Choose a Festive Atmosphere Level to see the rewards you will receive upon reaching it.
Level 1:
Tier III American T3 Convertible Medium Tank
Garage slot
100% trained crew for the T3 Convertible Medium Tank
Antiduplicator Charge
Holiday Stamp


Assemble Collections and Get Holiday-Inspired Styles!

All Standard Decorations you can earn are arranged into four festive-themed Collection Albums:

  • New Year
  • Christmas
  • Lunar
  • Magic

Building each full Collection nets you an amazing holiday-inspired 2D style and a decal. Plus, after collecting all the Large Decorations, you’ll also get another cool decal. Complete all four sets and all Large Decorations to earn all four of the spectacular 2D styles and decals available during Holiday Ops 2022!

  • New Year

Bonus to Credits

But styles and decals are not all that Collections can bring you! Building Collection Albums and increasing the Festive Atmosphere gives you a bonus to credits that will increase gradually up to 40%. In addition, each Large Decoration placed in its slot gives you a bonus 2.5% to credits earned. Thus, your total bonus to credits when playing in Random Battles can reach up to 50%!

Complete Collections, increase the Festive Atmosphere Level, and collect Large Decorations to receive the maximum Bonus to credits.

Assemble the 2018–2021 Collections!

Once you reach Festive Atmosphere Level X, you’ll have a chance to complete your Collections from previous years—from 2018 through 2021. Use Shards to craft the decorations you need separately or the entire Collection at once, and get the corresponding style and other customization items as rewards.

The cost of one missing Decoration in Shards depends on its level. Check it out:

Decoration Level Shards
I 10 
II 20 
III 30 
IV 70 
V 240 
Large Decoration 820 
  • 2021

Crafting Decorations

You can create new Standard and Large Decorations in the special Large Holidron Decorider. There is no decoration level selection in the Collider this year, but you can still choose the Type and Collection—specific or random.

  • Random type and Collection: 1,000 Shards
  • Specific type or Collection: 1,250 Shards
  • Specific type and Collection: 1,500 Shards


If you want a 100% chance of getting a decoration that you don’t have in your Collection, use Antiduplicator Charges. Remember: after each use, the Antiduplicator turns off and you need to turn it back on manually to craft a new decoration without duplication.

As an alternative to using Charges, you can spend 2,000 more Shards (on top of the cost of the decoration itself) and craft a new decoration that you don’t already have in your Collections. You can use the Antiduplicator or an alternative method if you have a specific type and a specific Collection selected!

Interactive image. Learn how the Decorider works: hover the cursor over the selected area and read the description.

Once all Collection Albums are 100% complete (excluding Large Decorations), all Charges will be automatically converted into Shards at the following rate: 1 Charge = 150 Shards. Plus, each new free Charge you receive will also be automatically converted into Shards.

Holiday Ops Vehicles Branch

This year, the Holiday Ops vehicles branch will consist of three slots, which you can unlock in the following ways:

  • For completing five Missions From Arnie
  • For reaching Level V of Festive Atmosphere
  • For reaching Level X of Festive Atmosphere

All vehicles can be placed in these three slots—regardless of their tier, nation, and type—except for Premium and rental vehicles. Now, all slots work the same, and for each slot, you can assign any of the following bonuses to XP you earn in Random Battles:

+50% to Combat XP

+100% to Crew XP

+200% to Free XP

Initially, you will only be able to place any Tier V vehicles in the slots. But each new Festive Atmosphere Level will increase the tier of vehicles that can be assigned to your Holiday Ops vehicles branch.

Each slot has an individual cooldown of 30 minutes for tank changes. If, after assigning a tank to a slot, you sell it or remove it from your Garage, the slot will be freed automatically at the end of the cooldown.

Treat Yourself to Large Boxes!

What presents would fellow commanders like most during Holiday Ops 2022? Large Boxes, of course! Choose Boxes from four different Collections, stuffed with valuable in-game items to treat yourself to! Each Box contains one Standard Decoration and 250. Plus, a Box has a chance of dropping even more gold, credits, and days of WoT Premium Account. But if Lady Luck’s on your side, you might also find a formidable Tier VIII Premium tank, a Tier II–V vehicle, or a spectacular 3D style.

Holiday Ops Extension

Like all good things, the holidays will come to an end sooner or later. But in World of Tanks, they last a bit longer than usual! You’ll still be able to use your Holiday Ops vehicles until January 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). You will have as many Holiday Ops vehicles slots as you manage to unlock during the event.

During the event extension:

  • Vehicle cooldown will increase (from 30 minutes to once per game day), but by spending a few credits, you can change them after each battle.
  • All tanks currently placed in your Holiday Ops vehicle branch will continue to receive their credit and chosen XP bonuses.
  • The amount of bonus to credits will be equal to the highest value you achieved during the event.

Holiday Ops 2022 Soundtrack

Want to instantly immerse yourself in some holiday magic? Listen to the merry tunes we’ve prepared for the event and bask in the warmth and joy of the festive season!

The soundtracks for Holiday Ops 2022 will soon be released in an album on major streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Yandex Music, Deezer, and others.

Get ready to decorate your Garage, enjoy festive gifts, and celebrate the holidays with me, Commanders!

Except as specifically stated, and World of Tanks is not affiliated with or sponsored by any third party.

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