Supertest: AMBT + M-III-Yoh (Initial Stats)

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Today we have 2 new tanks for the supertest for you!

  • The M-III-Y, a Tier VIII American heavy tank
  • The AMBT, a Tier VIII American medium tank

The M-III-Y, like the higher-tier representatives of the Yoh branch, features the new reserve track mechanics. The vehicle has an additional track attached to the main one. This allows the vehicle to continue moving (although with a speed penalty) even if both main tracks are destroyed.

To the Supertest, the vehicle also comes with two top (90 mm and 105 mm) guns. The first gun is more accurate and has higher damage per minute, while the second one has higher damage per shot. The test will determine which configuration will be final—whether both guns or just one of them will remain.

The 90 mm gun causes 240 HP of damage per shot. The penetration of the main APCR shell is 223 mm, and the special HEAT shell has 290 mm of penetration. The gun’s accuracy is 0.37, with an aiming time of 2.1 s, and a reload time of 6.4 s.

The 105 mm gun causes 320 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the main AP shell is 208 mm, and the penetration value of the special APCR shell is 245 mm. The gun’s accuracy is 0.39, has an aiming time of 2.3 s, and a reload time of 8.9 s.

Frontal turret armour measures up to 279 mm in thickness, and the durability of the vehicle is 1,450 HP. It has a top speed of 40 km/h and its specific power is 15 h.p./t. Like the higher-tier representatives of the branch, this vehicle has good gun depression/elevation angles: –10/20 degrees.

The M-III-Y has the same pros and cons as the Tier IX and X vehicles of the Yoh branch. The vehicle will play well on irregular terrains thanks to its good gun depression/elevation angles and solid turret. The vehicle’s good mobility and the reserve track mechanic will improve its survivability, even if an enemy tries to immobilize you, which will allow you to use different tactics and manoeuvres on the battlefield.

Additional Stats – M-II-Y

Dispersion during turret rotation (90mm) – 0.09
Dispersion during turret rotation (105mm)– 0.13
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.24
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.24
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocity (90mm) – 1250/900/700
Shell Velocity (105mm) – 900/1100/700
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.4

The AMBT is a medium tank with an autoreloading mechanism. The vehicle features a 105 mm gun and a three-shell magazine. Loading of the first shell takes 18 s, the second one takes 13 s, and the third one takes 12 s. Reload time between shells in the magazine is 3 s. The main APCR shell is capable of penetrating as much as 215 mm of enemy armour and causing 360 HP of damage, and the special APCR shell has 278 mm of penetration and the same damage per shot.

The vehicle has decent frontal turret armour with a thickness of up to 250 mm.  It has a top speed of 40 km/h and its specific power is 22.2 h.p./t. Gun depression/elevation angles are –9/10 degrees.
The AMBT is a typical medium tank that can play the role of the basic firing unit thanks to its good damage per shot and a three-shell magazine, and the good penetration value of its special APCR shells. This allows you to cause damage not only to same-tier but also to higher-tier opponents. The solid turret and rational angles of its armour plates allow this vehicle to play hull-down. However, the hull and turret traverse speeds are rather low which may cause some difficulties in close-range combat.

Additional Stats – AMBT

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.1
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.12
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.12
Dispersion after shot – 7
Shell Velocity – 1278/1492/732
Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.3/2.1

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M-III-Y Here

AMBT Here 

15 thoughts on “Supertest: AMBT + M-III-Yoh (Initial Stats)

  1. another ridgeline-hugging, strong-turreted, auto-reloading, premium medium tank because wargaming hates the health of this game i guess.

    it really does baffle me that they keep making the decisions they do because if world of tanks dies, the entire company is gonna go with it.

    1. It makes sense when you think about it. WG does not want prolonged matches, they want short and always full queues. Tanks like the AMBT, the Progetto, all the autoloaders and high alpha tanks they keep cramming in the game are meant to make matches last as short as possible – premium ammo was a precursor to this and now that it has become the norm they’re moving to other means to make the addicts click battle hundreds of times a day. Really, it’s like a drug: more damage, faster damage, rinse and repeat. And of course, if you have to pay to more and faster, better for WG because $$$ is why they’re in the business to begin with.

  2. I will take a guess and say the AMBT is a 1970’s concept
    isn’t it funny how WG has added concepts made half a decade later than the MBT70 and yet is avoiding adding the MBT70?
    I think we are getting closer and closer to see the MBT70 in WoT but for now we get these things, I wonder if this is one of the M60 based concept studies from the early stages of the M1 Abrams program in the 1970’s
    the remote weapon station on the top of the turret is identical to the one from the Chrysler K mockup (M60A1 with new turret and MBT70 main gun)

    1. The MBT70 would be epic especially if they put in the German version too as that could go 70 forwards and 70 in reverse too

      1. But that’s an MBT-70 in name only, given how ludicrously nerfed every stat is compared ot the real tank.

    2. The issue with the MBT-70 is that it would be ridiculously strong. It’s a medium tank that has the mobility of a light tank (70 km/h forward AND reverse) and a 152mm gun that reloads faster than most 105mm. Nor is that an HE-slinging derp gun, since it fires a 1478m/s velocity APFSDS round (which in WoT would be treated as APCR).

      Historically the MBT-70 and its German clone KPz 70 could fire as fast as 12 rounds/min. Even if the gun were given 650 alpha (the lowest of any 152mm in the game, and 50 lower than the XM551’s alpha) that would be an insane 7800 DPM. That’s more than double the Badger’s DPM.

      1. yeah, however in WoT realistic specs are not a thing and it would be a nerfed version
        if the MBT70 comes to WoT it would fire chemical rounds (HE/HEAT/HESH) but will have a optional gun
        additionally there’s one major balance factor, WoT is a arcade game, opponents can sneak on you without you noticing
        the MBT70 would be caught multiple times with it’s flanks exposed and less than 50mm of armour to protect it, anything firing HE can do MASSIVE amounts of damage to a MBT70 if it hits anywhere besides the front plate and front of the turret, and don’t even mention what arty can do to such a long but thinly armoured tank

        armoured cars will also be a massive pain for the MBT70 since those are just as fast but have superior mobility

        so yeah, the MBT70 would be strong but can be countered, plus they can increase it’s weigh with a slight increase of protection, but since it is a American tank it would always have soft sides, and thus reducing the power-to-weight ratio and mobility, that or simply change the engine for a weaker one

      2. I really doubt that wargaming will allow western tanks to be superior in this game. with few exceptions only maybe but rest of thanks to be russians.

  3. the 90mm for the tier 8 seems like a real alternative option.
    Sad that it is not true for the M46 patton tier 9, it should have a real good 90mm for optional choise the 105mm is outdated this days in penetration

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