WoT – Halloween 2021 Event Ends Soon

Mirny: Hope 2021 will end on November 11 at 07:30 UTC.

Do not forget, before this date:

• Spend all decryption keys. Otherwise, they will simply disappear with NO compensation! Spend unused keys on decals.

With the end of the mode:

• The event equipment that you bought for the mode is automatically converted to credits.
• The garage will change to the standard one.
• You will not be able to buy thematic decals or style sets anymore.
• You will not be able to purchase all the 2021 – 2019 3D Themed Styles inside the client for gold.
• You will not be able to use the rental tanks of this mode.

6 thoughts on “WoT – Halloween 2021 Event Ends Soon

  1. Really let down after last year. Played like 80 games on hard and winning is simply impossible. Grinding those 200 keys is a pain even on medium with crap teams

    1. Winning is easy. In the 1st part of 4th phase, you kill the first wave of adds then burst the boss. Since now you have time for the 2nd part of the 4th phase (around 5 minute), you can take your time and kill all the adds before continuing to kill the boss. You will still have like 1-1,5 minutes left this way.

      Also, you dont farm the keys on Hard. You farm the keys on Medium, the last hit on the boss also gives someone 4 keys.

      1. I dont need tips, I finished last year event easily and I’m top of the team in most games. I say that event was released completely untested and impossible for random team

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