Supertest: 7 Maps

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Good news from the Supertest for Assault battles enthusiasts!

We want to increase the number of maps that support the Assault battle type. The following maps will be added to the Supertest as an experiment: Redshire, Steppes, Mannerheim Line, Tundra, Overlord, and Safe Haven.

Once the test is over, a decision will be made on the upcoming improvements and further steps.
On some maps, one of the defending team’s spawn zones is not marked on the minimap because it overlaps with the location of the base. The same applies to the attacking team: If you see only one zone, the entire team spawns there. See the screenshots.



 Mannerheim Line



Safe Haven

The bases and spawn zones of the teams are placed according to the specifics of the Assault battle type.

Ghost Town

Balance changes have been made on the Ghost Town map: The base of the defending team has been relocated in the Assault battle type.


Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Supertest: 7 Maps

  1. So because they are to lazy to create new maps, so they just recycle all maps with an assault mode? Come on WG, at least but some effort in instead of pumping out a new premium every month

  2. I dont play this game mode just 1-2 game in a month maybe, soo i dont care. This is just too complicated for a lot of players and dont know what to do and they ignore the objective soo i dont need extra stress in this game hahahaa.

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