Supertest: M-V-Y (Initial Stats)

The Tier X of the American Yoh Company branch, the M-V-Y heavy tank is coming to the Supertest soon.

M-V-Y is the top vehicle of the Yoh branch, featuring the new reserve track mechanic. Starting from Tier VII, these vehicles have an additional track attached to the main one. This allows the vehicles of the Yoh branch to continue moving (although at a reduced speed) even if both main tracks are destroyed.

The top vehicle is coming to the Supertest with two guns—105 mm and 120 mm. The first gun is more accurate and has higher damage per minute, while the second one has higher damage per shot. Testing will show which gun will be in the final configuration when the branch is released.

The 105 mm gun causes 360 damage per shot. Penetration of the main APCR shell is 268 mm, and the special HEAT shell has 315 mm of penetration. The gun has as accuracy of 0.35, aiming time of 2 s, and reload time of 7.8 s.

The 120 mm gun causes 440 damage per shot. Penetration of the main AP shell is 252 mm, and the special HEAT shell has 300 mm of penetration. The gun has an accuracy of 0.38, aiming time of 2.5 s, and reload time of 10.5 s.

The vehicle’s frontal armor reaches 355 mm in the turret area. Its durability is 2,200 HP. The vehicle has a specific power of 18.4 h.p./t which enables it to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.
The M-V-Y is a heavy tank whose decent gun depression/elevation angles and armored turret help it take advantage of terrain irregularities. Its new reserve track mechanics allows for increased survivability even if the enemy is trying to immobilize you, giving you new tactical options on the battlefield.

Additional Stats and Screenshots 

Dispersion during turret rotation (105mm) – 0.06
Dispersion during turret rotation (120mm) – 0.1
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.16
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.16
Dispersion after shot (both) – 4
Shell Velocities (105mm) – 1472/1173/945
Shell Velocities (120mm) – 1120/1120/900
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.4

M_V_Y_Screenshot_01.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_02.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_03.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_04.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_05.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_06.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_07.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_08.jpg

M_V_Y_Screenshot_09.jpg M_V_Y_Screenshot_10.jpg

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6 thoughts on “Supertest: M-V-Y (Initial Stats)

  1. I think that with these stats the tank will be fine and not OP. Of course, hull down it will be a plague, but at least it has no autoreloader or insane alpha/penetration. And opposite to the EBRs you can still track it with the back idler wheels.

  2. Still sucks that it’s gonna have two guns. I mean sure, it’s nice to have a choice, but why be forced to spend XP on tier 10s just to Elite them?

  3. According to the information above they’re testing two guns to see which one will be in the final version like what they did with the obj. 730 version II

  4. Interesting. At least as soon as I saw it like the Czech t10 heavy, I didn’t think, “Well, we’re fxcked.”

  5. And thank God it is not like the Blitz-version, where it is an three shot autoloader with impenetrable turret. Pure joy to play against …

    The PC version looks okay, maybe the gun handling is a bit too good – it is a heavy after all.

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