Update 1.14.1: Year Hare Affair

In Update 1.14.1, content has been added referring to the Chinese comic book series “Year Hare Affair”. This is how the unique crew members, style set, camouflages and stickers look like.

It is possible that the content is dedicated only to the Chinese server.

Year Hare Affair is a Chinese web and media comic book series by Lin Chao, initially under the pseudonym “逆光 飞行”. The comic uses anthropomorphic animals as an allegory of nations and sovereign states to depict the political, military and diplomatic events of the 20th century. – Wikipedia

Crew members

Commander – The captain of this amazing tank team. Calm, playful and capable of sober judgment on the battlefield, the true backbone of the team.

Driver – The youngest hare in the team. Brings more vitality to it, but lacks combat experience. There is still a lot to learn.

Loader – Has a simple and honest personality, likes all food. Easily adjusts the atmosphere and mood of the team.

Targeter – A shooter who does his job better than others. On the battlefield, she likes nothing more than showing who’s in charge.

Radio operator – The oldest hare on the team. Even though he has reached middle age, his endurance and energy are as always at a high level.

Crew Skill: “Hare Brotherhood”


Fluffy bear




Hare with a cannon


Style set

Year Hare Affair

  • Year Hare Affair style. Different colors match different maps. Yes, some of them are too bright for the battlefield and don’t help in battle, but the sweetness wins!

Year Hare Affair: Desert

Year Hare Affair: Summer

Year Hare Affair: Snow


Year Hare Affair: Passion

  • Multiseason camouflage with the “Year Hare Affair” theme. The main element is the hare, the protagonist of a popular comic book. Orange symbolizes passion for the battlefield.

Year Hare Affair: Illusion

  • Multiseason camouflage with the “Year Hare Affair” theme. No, it’s not very practical on the battlefield, but who could resist the sweet YHA bunny?

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  1. honestly, am curious on the comic series tbh. And the crew art looks good, I wouldnt mind buying the crew

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