18 thoughts on “Update 1.14.1: Czechoslovakian Uprising Style Set

  1. Using the flag as camouflage is a total lack of creativity. This indicates laziness, unwillingness to think. “Oh, do I have to create a camo for the Czech line? Ok I’ll make something from the flag.”

    1. You are a fucking moron, I have never heard a more stupid reason to dislike/shit on a style than that.

      1. They could use the colors in a different pattern, and it will look good. At least the czech looks great with the lines in the middle of the tank, but some other nationals camos does not look any good.

        1. They could have, but then what’s distinguishing it from looking like it’s styled after the British or US flag?

  2. A celebration of Czech independence. Shit they really scraping the bottom of the barrel for events these days…

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