18 thoughts on “WoT Console – Welcome the Sturmtiger line!

    1. Yep, anyway WG should Buff the FV to the new changes, lower it Damage but improve aiming and accuracy is pointless to have hugh damage if it is not reliable.
      And i dont even got a FV.

    2. As we did see when it was an event tank. It used missles, not HE. Console has multiple tanks with missles as is, inc the T49 on the 152mm. So it fits their eco system. As back in the day when Storm tested this…. he got up, walked away and told them to burry it. It’s why PC has not played with it as much.

      Tho if they treated this like a KV-2 with slow HE shells instead? I don’t see why not.

      1. Tho if they treated this like a KV-2 with slow HE shells instead? I don’t see why not.

        There’s no point in making an HE-focused tank when HE as an ammo type has been neutered.

        Of course, other ammo options could be used, like low velocity HEAT (something like E 100 gold) as standard and dunno, AP for gold?

  1. if they fix HESH and make it the standard ammo, as it should be, we could work around the HE nerf, the lower accuracy would sort of balance the fact HESH should have the lowest bounce probability of any shell in the game, that would make every HIT more rewarding but it would still be up to RNG if you hit or not

  2. Wonder why WoT console manages to, seemingly, do things better than WoT PC.
    Even the tonks are real, love the StuIG 33B!! I think 24 or so existed. Only the Bär seems made up to me. Is it fake?

      1. the Sturmpanzer Bär has the same problem as the SturmTiger, the caliber is too large
        in the past there were some amateur “historians”, members of the player community, that proposed using the project of a 210mm mortar mounted on the Ferdinand as the template to modify the SturmTiger to fit WoT

        the result would be a SturmTiger with a 250mm mortar based on German heavy mortars from WWI

        250mm at Tier 10 with 225mm at Tier 9 and 210mm at Tier 8 would be much easier to balance compared to 380mm or 305mm from Sturmtiger and Sturmpanzer Bär (respectively)

    1. nope, they don’t do things better, they simply treat WoT as a FPS rather than a tank game

      in WoT PC we know how much dmg a enemy can do to us based on caliber, in WoT Console they don’t work by that logic

      in WoT Console we have the T22 at Tier 1 doing as much dmg and having as much pen as the T1 Cunningham when in fact it is armed with the same gun as the Shermans at Tier 6

      that is why they can add the SturmTiger and give it however much dmg they want, however in WoT PC it has to obey the caliber logic and with a 380mm rocket it would have at least 1500 avg dmg and be able to 2-shot a MAUS (3000 HP)

      currently the largest caliber is 240mm and can do 1100 avg dmg with standard HE and 1420 avg dmg with GOLD HE

      T92 » 240mm » 1100 dmg
      Obj. 261 » 180mm (-60mm) » 800 dmg (-300)
      SturmTiger » 380mm (+120) » 1100 + 300X2 = 1700 dmg

      obviously they would not do it linearly but we could expect at least 1500 avg dmg, with a max RNG roll (+25%) you can one-shot some Tier 10’s and of you use GOLD, like pretty much everyone does at Tier 10, you can definitely one-shot many Tier 10 MT/TD/LT’s

      now, personally I would want it in the game but I can understand why they haven’t added it until now

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