WoT EU: October Sneak Peek

Specials and Events

  • German Reunification

From October 1 through October 4: Celebrate the 31st anniversary of the German Reunification with tons of in-game discounts around German vehicles.


Barrack Slots Discount

  • Top of the Tree

From October 5 through November 5: The Chinese  X WZ-132-1  is a versatile hybrid between a medium and a light tank. Use the sturdy turret and decent view range to support the advances of allied medium tanks, or scout the battlefield with its mobility, camouflage values, and spotting abilities.

From October 20 until November 20: The  X IS-4  represents the raw power of Soviet heavy tanks. It is a prime example of a first-line assault vehicle with a solid gun, sloped front armor, decent side armor, and an outstanding turret. Show off the brawling capabilities of this tank and smash the enemy with unstoppable force.

  • Crippling Blow

From October 8 through October 11: Landing devastating punches against your opponents and earn XP, consumables, and Personal Reserves.


Plenty of Large First Aid Kits

  • XP Fever

From October 15 through October 18: Enjoy sweet discounts, XP multipliers, and a garage slot for free.


More XP for every tier

  • Frontline: Stage 3

From October 18 through October 25: The third Stage of this epic game mode will once again push you to the limit. Get ready to storm enemy defenses or work as a team to halt the onslaught and send opponents back to the Garage.


  • Training Rumble

From October 22 through October 25: Training rumble is back! Push yourself to the limit and earn additional XP, large repair kits, and a piece of equipment.


Equipment of your choice

  • WoT7 Tournament Finals: Live Streams

October 23 & October 24: The next epic clash between fearless teams of seven is set for October 13 through October 24. Make sure to gather fellow tank commanders, sign up for the tournament, and jump into the fight for epic rewards!

If your team doesn’t make it to the final rounds, or if you just want to see some excellent tank action, tune in to the WoT7 Finals Streams on Saturday, October 23, and Sunday, October 24 live on Twitch. Drops will be enabled for guaranteed rewards the longer you watch.


  • x2 Crew XP multiplier

From October 29 through November 1: Brace yourselves for double crew XP missions during the spookiest weekend of the whole year!


Treats for your crews

  • Halloween Stream

October 31: It will be spooky, it will be scary, and most importantly, it will be a lot of fun! Mark your calendar and tune in to our special Halloween Twitch Stream full of tricks, a few treats, and plenty of tank action.


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