Improved Field Modification: How It Works

After completing the test of Field Modification on the Sandbox server, we carefully analyzed your feedback and all the data we obtained. Many thanks to all the active and dedicated players who supported us and joined the test—your help was invaluable! Following the test results, we improved certain aspects of Field Modification that were widely discussed during the Sandbox testing.

Field Modification: A Feature to Tweak Your Favorite Tanks

Let’s take a quick look at the core mechanics of Field Modification and how they can benefit your favorite vehicles.

Field Modification is available for all Tier VI–X vehicles (including Collectors’, special, and Premium vehicles but excluding rentals and vehicles from various special game modes, such as Steel Hunter or Mirny-13). In a nutshell, Field Modification is a set of tools for fine-tuning specific technical characteristics of your tanks, which will become available once they acquire Elite status.

Field Modification consists of three types of modifications that players can make to a vehicle’s technical parameters or setup:

  • Standard. These are unlocked using Combat or Free XP when the Field Modification level is increased. Standard Modifications provide a small boost to one characteristic, depending on the vehicle combat role.
  • Dual. These are purchased using credits and allow your vehicle’s characteristics to be redistributed so that it becomes more effective in one aspect at the cost of another.
  • Special. The first two of these are available for Tier VI and VII vehicles, and all three—for Tier VIII–X vehicles. The first Special Modification enables the Essentials Loadout, an alternative set of shells and consumables. The second Special Modification provides you with the Auxiliary Loadout, an alternative set of equipment and directives. The third Special Modification allows you to assign a category to a second equipment slot.

Together, these modifications form the Modification Tree. Upon researching and purchasing modifications, you’ll improve your vehicles by slightly increasing their technical characteristics to suit your needs.

Modifications affect vehicle parameters and thus the balance of the game in general. As a result, there may be some changes to numerical values in modifications in the future if we see that they are needed to maintain optimal vehicle balance.

When making decisions about Dual Modifications, pay attention to the values of specific vehicle parameters that change in the Field Modification window rather than the rating and fluctuations of the performance scale in the Garage.

If a Personal Mission requires your vehicle to have a specific piece of equipment or directive, those should be placed into the Main Configuration.

All Tier VI–X vehicles with access to Field Modification receive a special parameter: role. There is a total of 15 roles, like Assault Heavy Tank, Breakthrough Heavy Tank, and Versatile Medium Tank, to name a few. The Modification Tree is created for each vehicle with regard to its specific combat role, so the technical adjustments that vehicles of different roles receive from modifications may vary, even if they are of the same tank role.

Field Modification is designed to help you discover new facets of your gameplay and take a fresh look at the strengths of your favorite vehicles. It should not be considered a compulsory addition to the main Tech Tree, but it will make playing some of your tanks even more special and enjoyable.

Lastly, we listened to your concerns about the costs of increasing Field Modification Levels and purchasing Dual Modifications across various vehicle tiers. Now, depending on the vehicle tier, costs will be different, with the lowest ones for Tier VI tanks.

Vehicle Tier XP Required Cost in Credits
VI 3,500 10,000
VII 7,000 25,000
VIII 11,500 50,000
IX 20,000 100,000
X 28,000 150,000

Comparison Window Improvement

Another very important change to Field Modification is the improved comparison window, which will now support the following functionality: You can add several vehicles (or multiple different configurations of the same vehicle) for comparison and, by entering advanced settings, apply various modifications that include all possible changes to characteristics. This option will help you understand how to best fine-tune your favorite tanks and which modifications best suit your needs and individual playstyle.

Battle Loading Screen Improvement

Previously players with low-spec PCs might have experienced slower loading times and not had enough time to select one of two vehicle loadouts before the battle starts. We were aware of this issue and have been developing a solution to fix it.

You can now switch configurations right on the battle loading screen, while evaluating the map, team compositions, and the balance of forces. To select one of two vehicle loadouts with different equipment and ammunition, use the CTRL+1 / CTRL+2 keys.

When loading the map and sending teams to battle, the CPU works most intensively, so players with low-spec PCs may experience some lags when choosing between vehicle loadouts. But even if nothing happens when you switch the configuration, please try not to spam with new switches and wait a little—you will eventually select a different configuration, albeit with a possible delay.

Experience Field Modification for yourself in Update 1.14!

29 thoughts on “Improved Field Modification: How It Works

  1. its really amazing how much time and resources wargaming puts into things that will piss off their playerbase. how the hell are they so out of touch

  2. +€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ for Wargame Bank accounts
    – € for us stupid dumb Players as WG sees us

    that a Quick and Easy explanation to ~ Improved Field Modification

    1. Yes, you can pay € to get the mods.
      Or you just play the game to get the mods.
      I really don’t see p2w here.

  3. Tbh i stopped playing with 1.13.
    Now i only come here to enjoy the burning dumpsterfire Wargaming made.
    And with Crew 2.0 there is a ton of wood about to be dropped into the fire.

    1. Crew 2.0 will be glorious. The few Crew 2.0 haters that never spent a dime on the game, are not needed anyway.

      1. To be honest, i don’t like the idea to NOT spot an ebr at 200 m in the open… That is broken. I would like to have a better crew, but not like this.

    2. Why man, patch 1.13 is glorious. I had soooo many games without arty… And is not that bad even with arty. Except in lower tiers, but luckily i don’t play lower tiers. I can’t believe i say this, but for once WG did good 🙂

      1. Well for me the patch wasnt glorious,
        yes less arty with less dmg is nice,
        but my derps are not really fun anymore or useful.

        In my opinion with a Kv-2 you are now a burden to the team if youre not using the 107mm.
        And if you want to use the 107mm you could also get a much better platform,
        in the form of a T-150.
        Above tier 6, the 152mm is way to inconsistent now as is the usefullness of its AP above tier 6.

        As for tanks like the pz IV or the sherman etc, they can now take their derpguns and yeet them into the next ocean, there the derpguns can at least be useful as artificial reefs.

        Then there are the changes to he, so that it can penetrate screens and stuff.
        I mean people said he splashing tanks is illogical
        (Which it is not, google “sy simulations he” on youtube), but on the other hand,
        it is now perfectly fine for a thin steel case, filled with explosive and equipped with a contact fuse, to penetrate screens/tracks?
        I know WoT is not historical accurate, i get it, but what is this nonsense?
        For me that is as bad as Ebrs doing 180° turns on a dime at 90 kph.

        I also dont want to spend anymore time or money,
        with crew 2.0 basically already looking around the corner.

        Sorry for this somewhat rant, but im quite dissapointed of the current and
        probable “soon to be” state of the game.

        If you enjoy Wot, then go for it and have fun, it still is a good game despite its flaws, just not for me anymore.

        Sincerly Indy_ah

    1. @Sebastianul You should really start moderating your own page. If you don’t, people might start getting the idea that you actually condone this kind of degenerate bullshit.

      1. It used to be that a lot of people got sick and died from poor hygiene so words related to things that were gross like poop and blood were the bad words. Then sexual taboos were used to guilt and shame people in social or theological contexts(because nearly everyone has sex it had a great area of effect) so the bad words were sex-related. Now racism is the big offense so racist terminology is the new f-bomb and you get immature posters and trolls dropping n-bombs anywhere they can.

  4. Why does the article have “Sandbox” in the title? It has nothing to do with the sandbox. It was on public test of 1.14 and will be rolled out next week.

  5. Crew 2.0 is a joke. I converted my best skilled crew (7 skills) to Crew 2.0 in the sandbox and received 1 1/2 out of 5 skills fully training. The universal crew books that usually train a new crew member 1 1/2 skills gave the crew 1/20 pts necessary for 1 skill.

  6. I hope modifications ain’t too confusing
    Knowing enemies weaknesses is important
    A highly modified tank could change that

  7. WG wanna take it there, we can take it there. Skeng in the four door kv2, opp block, take it there…no no.
    Bro’s got both in O, you know he’s gonna rake it there. But most of the team in jail, still getting paid in there…no.

  8. I hope they are really good changes …….

    Unfortunately the latest changes, for example the changes to the HE shells, do not bode well, at least for me ……….

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