Improved Field Modification: Common Test

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After completing the test of Field Modification on the Sandbox server, we carefully analyzed your feedback and all the data we obtained. Many thanks to all the active and dedicated players who supported us and joined the test—your help was invaluable! Following the test results, we improved certain aspects of Field Modification that were widely discussed during the Sandbox testing.

We’re now ready to take the next step and invite you to participate in the second Common Test of Update 1.14, where you can try out the newest version of Field Modification. Join the test and share your impressions about this adjusted feature!

Field Modification: A Feature to Tweak Your Favorite Tanks

Let’s take a quick look at the core mechanics of Field Modification and how they can benefit your favorite vehicles.

Field Modification is available for all Tier VI–X vehicles (including Collectors’, special, and Premium vehicles but excluding rentals and vehicles from various special game modes, such as Steel Hunter or Mirny-13). In a nutshell, Field Modification is a set of tools for fine-tuning specific technical characteristics of your tanks, which will become available once they acquire Elite status.

Field Modification consists of three types of modifications that players can make to a vehicle’s technical parameters or setup:

  • Standard. These are unlocked using Combat or Free XP when the Field Modification level is increased. Standard Modifications provide a small boost to one characteristic, depending on the vehicle combat role.
  • Dual. These are purchased using credits and allow your vehicle’s characteristics to be redistributed so that it becomes more effective in one aspect at the cost of another.
  • Special. The first two of these are available for Tier VI and VII vehicles, and all three—for Tier VIII–X vehicles. The first Special Modification enables the Essentials Loadout, an alternative set of shells and consumables. The second Special Modification provides you with the Auxiliary Loadout, an alternative set of equipment and directives. The third Special Modification allows you to assign a category to a second equipment slot.

Together, these modifications form the Modification Tree. Upon researching and purchasing modifications, you’ll improve your vehicles by slightly increasing their technical characteristics to suit your needs.

Modifications affect vehicle parameters and thus the balance of the game in general. As a result, there may be some changes to numerical values in modifications in the future if we see that they are needed to maintain optimal vehicle balance.

When making decisions about Dual Modifications, pay attention to the values of specific vehicle parameters that change in the Field Modification window rather than the rating and fluctuations of the performance scale in the Garage.

If a Personal Mission requires your vehicle to have a specific piece of equipment or directive, those should be placed into the Main Configuration.

All Tier VI–X vehicles with access to Field Modification receive a special parameter: role. There is a total of 15 roles, like Assault Heavy Tank, Breakthrough Heavy Tank, and Versatile Medium Tank, to name a few. The Modification Tree is created for each vehicle with regard to its specific combat role, so the technical adjustments that vehicles of different roles receive from modifications may vary, even if they are of the same tank role.

Field Modification is designed to help you discover new facets of your gameplay and take a fresh look at the strengths of your favorite vehicles. It should not be considered a compulsory addition to the main Tech Tree, but it will make playing some of your tanks even more special and enjoyable.

Field Modification: Balance Improvements

Results from the Sandbox survey show us that most of you liked the general concept of Field Modification and were positive about adding this functionality to the game. You generally appreciated the opportunity to fine-tune your favorite vehicles to your personal playstyle, so the core mechanics of Field Modification remain unchanged.

However, some of you had questions about higher bonuses from Standard Modifications for Tier IX and X vehicles and perceived unbalanced choices in some Dual Modifications. There were also some other concerns about improvements to parameters, which were considered excessive for certain vehicles, such as SPGs or wheeled vehicles.

We have carefully examined all these issues and made the necessary balance improvements. Now, Field Modification has a more balanced and consistent progression system for all vehicles. Individual tanks no longer see their performance fall below acceptable levels, regardless of what role they play in battle.

Adjusted Dual Modifications

With your feedback, we adjusted the following Dual Modifications and the parameters they affect:

Light Tanks

  • All roles: reduced effects in the 3rd Dual Modification
  • Wheeled light tanks: reduced effects in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Versatile light tanks: reduced effects in both the 4th and 5th Dual Modifications

Tank Destroyers

  • All roles: reduced effects in the 3rd Dual Modification
  • Support tank destroyers: increased HP in both the 4th and 5th Dual Modifications
  • Sniper tank destroyers: slightly reduced effects in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Versatile tank destroyers: reduced effects in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Assault tank destroyers: reduced effects in the 5th Dual Modification


  • Slightly reduced effects in both the 1st and 5th Dual Modifications
  • Changed the bonus from Standard Modifications at levels VII and VIII to accuracy

Medium Tanks

  • All roles: reduced the chassis and turret traverse bonus in the 1st Dual Modification, removed turret stabilization from the 2nd Dual Modification, and reduced the repair speed bonus in the 3rd Dual Modification
  • Sniper medium tanks: reduced effects in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Versatile medium tanks: slightly reduced effects in both the 4th and 5th Dual Modifications
  • Assault medium tanks: slightly reduced effects in the 4th Dual Modification; added turret stabilization and increased the view range bonus in the 5th Dual Modification

Heavy Tanks

  • All roles: changed the composition of both the 1st and 3rd Dual Modifications by removing excessive mobility
  • Support heavy tanks: changed the composition of both the 4th and 5th Dual Modifications—removed turret stabilization in the 4th Dual Modification and improved aiming time in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Breakthrough heavy tanks: reduced the stabilization bonus in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Versatile heavy tanks: removed the forward bonus speed in the 4th Dual Modification; removed stabilization during turret rotation, reduced stabilization on hull movement and traverse, and the resistance bonus to HE shells in the 5th Dual Modification
  • Assault heavy tanks: reduced the resistance bonus to HE shells in the 4th Dual Modification and reduced the repair speed bonus in the 5th Dual Modification

We also reduced the bonuses of all vehicle combat roles at Levels VII and VIII of Field Modification.

Lastly, we listened to your concerns about the costs of increasing Field Modification Levels and purchasing Dual Modifications across various vehicle tiers. Now, depending on the vehicle tier, costs will be different, with the lowest ones for Tier VI tanks.

Vehicle Tier XP Required Cost in Credits Cost of Changing the Category of the Second Equipment Slot in Credits
VI 3,500 10,000 10,000
VII 7,000 25,000 25,000
VIII 11,500 50,000 50,000
IX 20,000 100,000 100,000
X 28,000 150,000 150,000

Comparison Window Improvement

Another very important change to Field Modification is the improved comparison window, which will now support the following functionality: You can add several vehicles (or multiple different configurations of the same vehicle) for comparison and, by entering advanced settings, apply various modifications that include all possible changes to characteristics. This option will help you understand how to best fine-tune your favorite tanks and which modifications best suit your needs and individual playstyle.

Upcoming Improvements

Players with PC configurations close to minimum system requirements may experience slower loading times, sometimes up to a point where they may not have enough time to switch the configuration before the battle starts. We’re aware of this issue and are working on a solution that will enable players to switch configurations right on the battle loading screen. This solution will be available with the release of Common Test 3. During CT2, you will see its placeholder on loading screens.

Join the Common Test and experience the improved Field Modification for yourself!

26 thoughts on “Improved Field Modification: Common Test

  1. Thanks for complicating the game even more!!!! Over complicate crews, tank loadout and keep a broken arse matchmaking system and you’ll watch your product burn to the ground in North America. Look at EA Games and Blizzard’s online presence now……

  2. More shit that nobody asked for.
    How many fucking times can you buff equipment and view ranges and tanks but keep maps the same size?!

  3. More stuff to grind….More stuff to buy….more stuff to spend hours on researching. But still same lame maps, sounds, graphics and game mods.

  4. What people asks for? Balancement and no more russian BIAS , just do not mess around (ANYMORE!) with the $hit 25% Russin number generator who makes you miss fully aimed shots while others HIT without even aim.
    Dont even need to talk about the RIGGED Matchmaker, keep on rigging matches with clueless players to just feed your Premium acc/tanks players like a buffet for unskilled brain damaged kids…

  5. Can we just get the load out change at the beginning of the match? That’s the only good in that new update to the CT

  6. As usual the WoT “community” says NO to every fcking change even though they haven’t touched it once =))))
    Why do I see this as a good addition to the game’s variety? This can make many tanks much more comfortable to play, especially those pure-scout LTs each time they get Himmelsdorf or Ensk.
    This might speed up the game in some cases because of that +4 km/h top speed for Breakthrough HT such as 277.
    But remember every choice comes with a cost of something else.
    Overall these bonuses are minor and without them you can still be competitve if you do things right.
    So what is the point to complain here?
    Why not see things with a more optimistic way rather than be an angry cat for whatever reason?

    1. Youre so WG wh0re that I need to ask why does WG pay employes like you, go work on something useful, cause WG employes arent even worth of their salaries, jesus christ the game is broken and the maps are so badly designed that even brain damaged monkeys are able to do something better, pure shame.
      “hurr durr look at an optimistic view”
      seek help, thats a clear autism sign.

    2. Haha look how pathetic this “community” is =))))
      This is just insane when I think about how well League players adapt to every change happening every season and how this WoT community is complaining about their game everyday.
      These people treat WoT as their favourite toy that they refuse everything they don’t want and the game developers have to ask for permission if they want to implement something.
      Does anyone here remember that you’re the player not the game developer?
      Did anyone here actually download the Sandbox client and test things out?
      Call me whatever you want but that won’t change the fact you’re bad as fck and you’re mean at the same time.
      Because this is too complicated for you to understand.
      God damn I shouldn’t read random comments on internet, it’s not even worth my time.

      1. Yea just to see how much you could talk. Your arrogance its pretty visible as well, we all can see how alienated you are, and pathetic aint ya? Thank you for your useless time just like all of your lines. Have a nice day “smart one” .

        1. Arrogance? What is the reason to be arrogant when I’m hard stuck GM for quite some seasons in League and having trouble 3-marking a lot of tier 10s?
          There are tons of players who are better than me in every way and they don’t complain about everything.
          Meanwhile there are shit enough more of paid actors who don’t even know what they are complaining about but they’re still complaining.
          It’s just too ridiculous that it even hurts my eyes.

      2. That’s because Riot is an awesome gaming company with extremely talented developers.
        WG is not.

        1. I agree with this, Riot is way better than WG.
          What I’m talking about is how this community yells at everything just by the look of it. That’s fcking toxic and ridiculous at the same time.
          Why not open your eyes widely and try things out at first?
          Yes the current game has shit enough of problems, but that’s not the reason to yell at everything.

          1. this IS a reason to yell and complain about everything

            WG did so many miserable things, against comunity will, that you simply can’t expect something positive from WG now

            even if the main idea can be good, WG will implement it in such way what will contain something miserable for sure

          2. you post a comment and complain about people that are complaining. check. kind of funny how very vocal you are about it but ok. and besides every player having to play at least 100 additional games per single tank to stay competitive the balancing gets even worse. in the meanwhile while grinding you are automatically and massively behind. “every benefit comes with a cost” is just ridiculous. the “cost” is marginal. in the end you have heavy tanks that literally drive 70 kph and matches are won or lost within seconds.

            by the way people yelling at everything that WG does is not necessarily a rpoblem with the community alone. WG tends to screw people over for a fast buck and it is not about a f2p game having to get financed in some way but about a whole company that is making one horrible decision after another having to pay more or less ALL the bills off one single successful project.

            and players that are in defence of WG usually tend to be just as toxic as the “whiners and bots”. yes i mean you Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me_from_Asia. just read you own comments and try to apply self-reflection ….

            have a nice weekend nonetheless

            1. Before calling me toxic, let me ask you this first: have you ever tried this “Field Modification”?
              If yes then show me your 70 kph HT.
              If no then how do you know this will be another bad thing?
              How do you usually perform in WoT?
              If your monthly results are >10k WTR or >3k WN8 then I take what you say seriously.
              If not then you need a lot more to learn before shit talking something you’ve never tried.
              Of course I see many “cost” that are too little for the benefits in the new function, some are even hidden stats that need tremendous experience to understand what they provide.
              But still, I always expect things to be better.
              Complaining does nothing but frustration for everyone.
              What WoT needs is constructive feedbacks that only a few of true WoT lovers do.
              Yeah, I’m pretty toxic when I’m playing the game with a bunch of bot teammates for sure.

              1. jesus. i have a little less than 10k and 3k but i am pretty, pretty close (whereby i have to mention that wn8 is one useless piece of bullshit stat. if you have less than 60% WR i cant take you seriously) and there are several tanks that can do 70 kph or even only close to with field modifications + bond turbo + directives + perhaps even a speed governor if you want to go full hipster. fuck, even the chieftain can go almost 60 kph if you want it to. and no, i dont feel the urge to spend my precious free time on all the test servers they put up without listening to any “constructive feedback” besides the one russian community gives to them.

                my point is this wont help either the balancing of WOT nor help with 3 minute matches becoming the norm and those are things the community really and rightfully cares about. but probably WOT has already passed a point of no return regarding those things.

    3. -“B…”
      Don’t argues with these retards. This community is one of the biggest tumor of multiplayer communities, after every single change all the casual bots goes full cry.

    4. I honestly like the changes they’ve done with field mods and I really hope they get added, it just needs more work done on some of the balancing (theres a couple really awful ones where the trade off is massive and not worth the insignificant amount you get in return) but overall it’s nice, let’s me specialize and make something like the rino a bit better at the cost of something.

      And yes this community is full of players who cry 24/7 about everything, primarily cause they’re 50 year old paraplegic vets who sat at base in their home country all day and think they deserve whatever they want whenever they want for it.

  7. Still very expensive and grindier for high tiers, Still less modifications for tier 6.
    WG hates lower and mid tiers, WG want you to play hightier and lost credits.
    GG WG.
    The avarage players are leaving this game,with this changes they will leave more.
    Sudenly the wot will be good players and really bad ones u cant trust.
    This make battles worst.

  8. I kind of like the idea of giving the playing of existing tanks a new purpose, and I don’t mind the high xp requirements even though I have lots of tanks in the garage. The problem I see is that this will give players yet another tool to create ever more specialized gamebreaking builds. Overpowered tanks, crew 2.0, (bond!) equipment 2.0, directives, food … the builds you will be able to do – it’s complete and utter madness. Wargaming have effectively given up on any attempt to balance their game, and casual players can go eff themselves. Just how short do they want matches to become? 3 minutes? 2?

    It think they are really painting themselves into a corner here. If they think they can stop the decline in player numbers this way, they are very much mistaken.

    1. Exactly, lot of the times you get garbage like Kharkov, a map primarily redesigned for the super heavy shitters and tds, which makes it aids to do anything. Wanna push 0 line? Too bad they get a god tier bush that let’s them hard stop a push. Wanna go 7-8 line? Giant corridor that ends with you probably getting farmed on the way to their side, and when you do, it’s a shitbrawl against hulldown tanks. Wanna go field? Well if there’s any arty, people on the td hill, or people back in the low ground, you’re not gonna be able to push. This is just one example of this terrible map design that makes its way into the game cause players want easy shit that they don’t wanna think about, they don’t wanna think about flanking or dynamics or exploiting the map, they wanna w key and shitbrawl which is followed by them complaining about someone being better than them at it.

      Basically, the player base is really trash and they wanna make the game as mindless as possible.

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