6 thoughts on “Supertest: Berlin Map Rework Video

  1. Well, april fools are too far away, yet WG still makes jokes. WG should make every map just flat squares because thats what they are trying to do seems like. How are you supposed to push via this grand open field without any cover lol ? WTF is that map design.

    1. hahaha like you could push the field in the current version with all this bushwanker positons on either side

  2. Gavin up with WOT and WG its not there dumb MM (yes it IS dumb MM) or there OP Tanks and Russian so-obvious bias ~ nope! its there really shitty Maps that piss me off so much

    mostly 2 maybe 3 channels/ Corridors with +60% of Map unplayable with huge empty suicide zones mostly middle Map – forcing you to play in there “developer designed player preferred areas for comfort play” comfortable play my ass!

    and Trees, Shrubs, Bushes vegetation ~ Agent Orange to the F–k rescue Removing up to 75% of cover in many Maps

    actual Flanking and thinking NOPE!
    you dummy, just go to the WG Dev designed play areas you Idiot! that’s what there there for!
    ~ thinking ….?? why! this is World of Premium Tanks

    6 years ago Maps had areas with Forests, large Bush areas and trees shrubs as cover in almost 50% of the Map

  3. A map just for EBRs, drive around like clowns hoping not to get hit while picking up spotting damage.

  4. Maps are just too facking small. With better and better equipment and crew 2.0 and op tanks.

  5. wahahhahah, bushwankers crying. Bushes should be removed like here in all maps!!! Cause Steve after respawn in battle, he go to the nearest bush of the base and do nothing! It’s so annoying- you fight agresive, do damage, lose hp and then you came to enemy base and there is waiting for you Steve with 430U in the base somewhere in the bush with full hp and game is lost. And who win the game, not you who was carrying the team, but some bot Steve, who camp and do nothing. Thumbs up WG for this change, lets Steves go fight like real man, not like pussy camp in the bush.

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