Supertest: Berlin Rework

Berlin is making its way to the supertest for a rework!

Berlin Map Redesign

The suggested edits should fix the imbalance between bases, as well as make the central and southern parts of the map usable for active play.

The central and southern parts of the map have been changed.


  1. Added positions for tank destroyers.
  2. The central part of the map that focused on light vehicles has been improved.
  3. Added a fighting area in the medium tank direction with comfortable positions for this vehicle type.
  4. Added a connection between directions for light tanks and medium tanks.

6 thoughts on “Supertest: Berlin Rework

  1. Well this map was absolutely broken sheit.. finally perhaps they will test maps before releasing.. Minks took a long time for a fix and so many gone brain cells by playing Berlin.

  2. So they have to rework a map they just launched with a big event last year? How incompetent are they really? No shame.

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